Close your eyes for a moment, now imagine a bright, warm and welcoming place. Think of the color of the sky and the sea, add a touch of magic, the light sound of waves caressing the shoreline and the wind blowing. Open your eyes and look around you you are on the wonderful beach of Porto Pino, in the deep south of Sardinia, just 90 minutes away from Cagliari.

Porto Pino - Is Arenas Biancas Beach
The magnificent beach of Porto Pino, the Dune Beach or the White Is Arenas

Known as the “Beach of the Dunes”, in Sardinian “Is Arenas Biancas“, this marvelous bay has some peculiarities almost unique in their kind. In addition to the aforementioned white sand dunes, the transparency of the water and the shape of the bay give a breathtaking character and beauty to one of the most appreciated beaches of the entire Sardinian landscape.
Porto Pino, which has just 57 souls, is a fraction of the municipality of Sant’Anna Arresi in the Province of South Sardinia. The dunes, which extend for almost 4 kilometers, are between the territory of Teulada and Sant ‘Anna arresi.

In the vicinity of Porto Pino

If you are a hiking enthusiast, in the immediate surroundings of the village you can find truly breathtaking attractions.

The Gulf of Palmas

In fact, access to the beach brings with it other peculiarities. Despite the main attraction is the bay, the Pond of Porto Pino and the more well-known Gulf of Palmas are also included in the panorama.
Nature has been generous with these places, which can boast a scenic beauty out of the ordinary. The “exotic” colors, which have nothing to envy to the more noble cousins from overseas, are only the tip of the iceberg of a great variety of sites and traditions to be discovered. The small villages surrounded by a green area also offer numerous tourist attractions and well-organized facilities. In fact, whether you are a fan of history, art or good food, all you have to do is choose from dozens of archaeological, naturalistic and village festivals.

From Porto Pino to the Caves of Is Zuddas

A stone’s throw from the scent of rosemary bushes in the dunes of Porto Pino, you can find the Necropolis of Montessu or the magical Caves of Is Zuddas. But if your passion is good food you have only to celebrate, the many festivals of fish that are celebrated in these places will surely satisfy your appetite.

Caves of Is Zuddas - interior
The Caves of Is Zuddas are located near Porto Pino

The caves “rise” just thirty minutes away, in the neighboring municipality of Santadi, within Mount Meana and are surrounded by the Mediterranean maquis. This natural beauty has a real treasure within it. The acicular Aragonites, and the only ones of their kind, eccentric Aragonites, are the main minerals that give these caves a mystical and beautiful appearance. You will seem to witness waterfalls immortalized by time. These caves are unique in their kind, and date back to over 1500 years ago.

Exterior of the Necropolis of Montessu
Necropolis of Montessu nearPorto Pino

Necropolis of Montessu

The “mystical” strength of the Necropolis of Montessu will make you fall in love. The archaeological site dates back to the pre-nuragic era and is located in the nearby town of Villaperuccio. It’s the land of the Giants and Nuraghi. Ancient place, full of history and beauty. Sardinia is a fascinating island that preserves mysteries never revealed and wonders of nature.

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