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Rebirth: this is what we should all strive to in every moment of difficulty. When we are faced with the difficulties of life, someone dwells on a timeless present, imagining that the here and now is forever. And necessarily despair. Someone else instead looks away over time and understands that any difficulty will end, sooner or later, and that we are all beneficiaries and victims of eternal change, both in the good and in the bad. And the rebirth comes. Just open your eyes and observe nature. Gloomy and dark, deadly and spooky in the winter months. Dry branches and the smell of death hover over the wood, there are just no animals. But all you have to do is turn the page and let spring come and life will appear again: buds, leaves, fragrant flowers. Summer promise.

For humans it is no different. We all will experience hard times sooner or later. They can also be long, hard, extremely painful. But sooner or later our spring arrives and we will blossom again. It will not be different for this period. Closed at home with ourselves, limited to our limits, we feel heavy, sad, tired, sometimes depressed and hopeless. If we look at the present in captivity, the world collapses on us. But just look up and the horizon of the future unfolds before us. With its spring and summer.

rinascita - rami di un albero con fiori rosa appena sbocciati - rebirth tree branches with newly blossomed pink flowers

We all have to die to be reborn. Sometimes we just want to live, be in perpetual summer, stay in the sun all year round. But the light takes the value for the eyes that have known the dark. That’s why the universe has a perennial cycle, which promises us forever and ever winter and summer, autumn and spring. “If it is night there will be day”, we say in Romagna, and similar saida are popular throughout all the peninsula. From the dark of the deepest night one must not despair but remember the light that was there. And be projected with joy on the dawn that will come. Because everything is an eternal rebirth.


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