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May 4th is coming, and for many it’s considered a watershed, between the before and after. Before the start of the quarantine for Italian families, after the long-awaited “phase 2” that worries but at the same time gives some hope. There is no doubt that in these weeks of forced stop to all the activities the young people were the protagonists. Bound to stay at home, to change everything in their daily lives, to try their hand at distance learning. They are now leading the families. So recent survey has focused precisely on the new generations. Let’s see what it is.

Fase 2 - gruppo di studenti

Phase 2: young people are the protagonists

MTV Youth and Future Observatory is a survey on Italians under 30 promoted by ViacomCBS Networks Italia. The purpose of this study was to understand how young people were experiencing this emergency phase. The sample analysed included 1000 young people between 16 and 30. Several parameters were taken into consideration: the role of technology, trust in institutions, commitment to the community, the uncertain future. “The data we collected during this health emergency are heading right to a conclusion – said Andrea Castellari, EVP and CEO of ViacomCBS Networks Italy, Middle East and Turkey – we must start again from the young people. They ask to be recognized as a resource on which to invest, in the long journey towards the revitalization of our economy, to no longer be considered as a “system burden”.

Fase 2 - un bambino con un pc insieme ad una donna anziana
The role of the new generations for the months to come after the emergency

New organization of families in quarantine and towards Phase 2

So, what has changed with the start of the quarantine? The lives of young people have been turned upside down, not only in the use of the means that technology offers, but also in relationships. So let’s report some data. 36% of the sample is rediscovering important relationships they previously took for granted. And 38% think that their family will be more united at the end of the emergency. But 23% of teens do not hide, however, that spending much more time with family members is a stress element.

photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

The role of technology

And it is undeniable that the new generations have a different approach with the new technologies. They are the ones who take tablets, smart phones, PCs and organize family life. Video calls with relatives and friends, games and the use of social networks. Young people are “accelerators” of digital transformation within their homes, towards parents and adults. And this will play a decisive role in phase 2.

How young people see institutions

Research has also focused on the role of national and international institutions to understand what young people think about them. On the one hand 82% of the sample has confidence in Civil Protection and a good percentage also in private companies that have made donations but, on the other hand, they are critical of the European institutions. In fact, 53% of the sample has less confidence in the European institutions, only 1 in 4 respondents think that Europe will help Italy out of the crisis, and 68% believe that Italy has been left alone by the EU in the management of this epidemic.

aula universitaria con studenti e professori

Doubts and uncertainties about the future

The main concern for the future mainly concerns children who will have to face grafuation exam. They tried their hand at distance learning but hoped that the exam would be different. School remains the place of growth where they lived their most beautiful years. And in fact data are clear: 94% of the sample do e-learning, 65% are satisfied with it, but 8 in 10 children think that the direct relationship with classmates and teachers is irreplaceable. And then, 67% of students in their last year of high school worry about the repercussions that could be had for access to university. Hence their exam test proposals commensurate with the program carried out, internal commission or even admission for all students, with oral examination only. We will see what will happen.

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