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Sasso di Castalda is a small village in Basilicata, but it reserves many surprises. Some of these are truly unusual. From the traditional cultural visit of the village to the discovery of nature. Nothing shocking so far. But what if we told you that there is a Tibetan bridge? What would you think? Perhaps the breavest is already planning the excursion. What is certain is that it has attracted a not indifferent wave of tourists.

Sasso di Castalda: an ancient village

The origins of this small town today go back a very long way. From Roman influences to Anjou. Several peoples have alternated in the dominion of the territory, making an important contribution. And so visiting it you will have the opportunity to admire the result of past history. A walk through the village with its picturesque winding streets that lead to devotional stages.

Sasso di Castalda. The Tibetan bridge suspended in the void in the province of Potenza
Author: Aldo Montemarano own work – CC-BY-SA-4.0

The three churches of Sasso di Castalda are an exaplme. The Immaculate Conception, located in the main square, San Rocco and Sant’Antonio. Not just faith. The singular housing constructions enrich the urban scenario. Stone houses perched here and there as if to carve out a space in the mountainous conformation of the territory. Traditional buildings not only in appearance. As you pass by them, you will feel the scents of the local dishes from early in the morning. Smells that will be the ideal travel companions in a not quite simple path.

Sasso di Castalda.Image of historical stone ruins
Author: Aldo Montemarano own work – CC-BY-SA-4.0

The paths are in fact a continuous ups and downs. The watchtowers, called “the castle” complete the cultural frame. A village as small but as rich in history certainly needed to be protected. And then Nature symbolically thought about it. Girding the village with a massif. Sasso di Castalda.

The bridge to the moon

In addition to cultural relevance, this municipality is known for its scenic beauty. All arranged so expertly as to bring out a picture. As if its composition had been studied. Nature is the author of all this. Blue streams, green woods and silvery rocks. And then man who added the stone houses, the churches, the alleys. But why not do more? Take a step further. Maybe like the one that brought man to the moon 50 years ago. And here is the beautiful thought. The one that led to the birth of the Tibetan bridge. A move that allowed to enhance the territory.

Sasso di Castalda. image of the Tibetan bridge over the valley
Author: Aldo Montemarano own work – CC-BY-SA-4.0

But also a way to create the right perspective to appreciate the landscape. There are two bridges. The first, shorter and at a lower height, takes visitors from the village to the Fosso Arenazzo. Once you get here you get rid of the sling needed to cross the bridge and proceed “in the green”. Paths that lead, after about fifteen minutes, to the maximum attraction of the place. The so-called “bridge to the moon”. Three hundred meters long by 120 meters high. Undoubtedly a great courage is needed to climb. Safety cable and go, ready step by step to enjoy the path.

The structure is exactly that of a Tibetan bridge. Narrow wooden planks but strong steel cables to ensure solidity in the work. But why did they call it that? The explanation seems to be linked precisely to the expedition to the moon. When in 1969 Amstrong and the others landed on the satellite. It seems that a certain Rocco Petrone started the mission. Originally from Sasso di Castalda, he was the son of Italian migrants who settled in Washington State. An explanation that seems almost legend and that contributes to give charm to the bridge. An object of audacity, historical significance and enhancement of the place.

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