Among the TV trendy figures, she ranks first – in the world! We are talking about the very young Italian actress Beatrice Bruschi, known as the Sana of Skam Italia series to young audiences. Now in its fourth season, Skam is now translated into seven languages (English, French, Spanish, Polish, Turkish, Chinese). And for numbers and social interest, Commissioner Montalbano definitely turns pale.

Co-produced by Cross Productions in collaboration with Timvision, it is visible on Timvision and on Netflix. High school students fom Rome are the protagonists, grappling with doubts, uncertainties, dreams and difficulties typical of adolescence and post-adolescence. As happened for the British cult series of the first two thousand, Skins, also in Skam the very difficult entry of the boys into adult life is staged, the relationship between the ever more angular between parents and children. The life that we have all passed, we must pass or we are passing, in short. In Italy as everywhere, obviously. Only this time the Italian version of such a discounted format must have moved strings that are not so obvious if in the international ranking of TV trending topics our Sana has overcome the beloved Eliza Taylor of The 100 and the oscar prize Viola Davis of How to get away with murder. Not bad.

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The Italian remake of the original Skam edition is directed by Ludovico Bessegato with his team who had to carry out a careful adaptation work from the popular formats in Norway since 2015. In the Italian cast, by choice of Bessegato very young actors appear, almost all at the first experience on the set. They play with good naturalness what they do best: themselves, ultimately.

Born admittedly as a teen-series, Skam is slowly conquering even the oldest audience. Cross Productions reported many feedbacks from adolescent audiences but, unexpectedly, also from adults, mostly parents. An important signal. To keep social sharing alive (with good results, of course) each episode is accompanied by extra content published daily on the official website: clip of the episode, backstage, messages from the actors, focus on the protagonist.

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Each season, albeit choral, focuses a light on a particular character. And in the fourth, Sana stands out, played by Bruschi. Sana is an eighteen year old Italian Muslim, daughter of Tunisian parents. Proud to wear the veil but very far from being submissive, as the clichés would like. Sana, also present in the Norwegian mother series, is a complex and multifaceted character. Audience love her because she is determined and free from prejudices and labels. The construction of the character in the Italian version, is so well designed thanks to the advice of the sociologist activist and writer Sumaya Abdel Qader.

In Italy it is not at all obvious to treat in an original series sensitive topics such as the integration of the second generations, Islamophobia, but also homophobia, revenge porn, the discovery of sexuality, feminism. A success not perhaps for all ages, but basically meritorious. After all, if a stubborn young Italian who plays an even more stubborn Tunisian woman jumps to the top of world TV trending topics, will mean something.

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