On Holy Saturday afternoon, at 5pm, the archbishop of Turin Msgr. Cesare Nosiglia will lead a moment of prayer before the Holy Shroud. The particular exhibition will be held in the chapel where the Sacred Linen is kept in the Cathedral of Turin.

 duomo di torino
Cathedral of Turin

The event will be broadcast live on television and also live streaming on social platforms. At the end of live TV, dialogue and reflection on social media will continue with the intervention of experts and “witnesses” of the time we are living.

The exposure of the Holy Shroud on live TV and on the web

The exposure that will take place on Holy Saturday is different from those of the past. This time the Shroud will remain in the case in which it is normally kept and can be contemplated through the images transmitted on the media. Furthermore, it must be said that with live social media, involvement is global.

locandina ostensione sindone - Holy shroud will be exposed

The platforms that will transmit the moment of prayer, in fact, will reach the faithful of the entire planet. A social platform is created with the contribution of the Piedmont Region. The direction of the images is by the youth ministry team of the diocese of Turin, which is preparing the European meeting of the young people of Taizé scheduled for next December.

The world will pray before the Sacred Linen

“Dear friends scattered all over the world, I await you on Saturday to raise a choral prayer to God through the contemplation of the Shroud. The Shroud always repeats it to our heart: love is stronger”. This is the appeal of Monsignor Nosiglia who announced the special exhibition. He said he had collected the thousands of requests received from people of all age groups, to pray before the Shroud.

sacra sindone
The Holy Shroud kept in the Cathedral of Turin

A moment of deep recollection to “implore the dead and risen Christ, which the Sacred Linen presents to us in such a true and concrete way, the grace to overcome evil as he did, trusting in the goodness and mercy of God”. Nosiglia, custodian of the Shroud, for the occasion recalled a passage from the message written by Pope Francis for the 2013 exhibition. “He looks at us – the pontiff writes – to make us understand what great love he had for us, freeing us from sin and death. He invites us to trust, not to lose hope, the power of divine love wins everything”.

The Holy Shroud, the most discussed linen in the world

The Holy Shroud is one of the most studied objects in the world, the cloth that has always animated debates and controversies between theologians and scientists. For those who believe, it is the shroud of Christ, for those who are atheists or agnostics, it is still ‘something special’ that still needs to be studied and to be definitively ‘decoded’. The exhibition in this difficult historical moment marked by a terrible world pandemic is certainly a further gift from the Pope to all humanity, believer and non-believer.

sindone sacro telo - Holy Shroud
The Sacred Linen

Meditation before the shroud of Christ wants to be the right opportunity to ask for serenity and peace for our world. A planet already plagued by wars and environmental disasters that, for a few weeks, has found itself fighting against an invisible enemy that is generating death and misery. On Holy Saturday, therefore, we all will pray before the Shroud so that man will find the main road of wisdom and rediscover love for our fellows and respect for creation.

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