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We are all in love with Italian cuisine, which in its variety gives us flavors and tastes every day. If we think only of regional dishes, it would take a lifetime to discover them all. It is therefore not surprising that the culinary art of our country, rich in traditions, already includes some “cruelty-free” recipes.

10) Tomato Bruschetta – Despite its simplicity, this traditional peasant dish is a delicacy, appreciated as an aperitif but good on all occasions. Biting into a slice of bread (rigorously from the day before), flavored with extra virgin olive oil, fresh tomatoes and basil is a joy.

 9) Onions au gratin – Italian creativity manages to transform an apparently unattractive vegetable into a fragrant dish. Sliced onions, sprinkled with oil and breadcrumbs find in the oven the perfect environment to become gourmet, with a cost of just a few cents.

 8) Panelle – Symbol of the Sicilian tradition, although there are many variants in many regions, the panelle cheer the table. The taste of chickpea flour is enhanced by frying in a pan, from which the aroma of fresh parsley is released.

7) Pasta and beans – A stronghold of Italian cuisine, so much so that each family has its own recipe, handed down from generation to generation. It offers its best when it is prepared with genuine ingredients, borlotti grown in the garden and homemade pasta.

6) Vegetable Minestrone – A dish that gives a full load of vitamins, minerals and fiber at negligible cost. Minestrone recipes are endless, just use your fantasy and put the best vegetables in the pot to be satiated with a minimum calorie intake. And so on and so forth,

5) Tomato Lentil Soup – New Year’s triumph, lentils are rooted in rural cooking. Once a poor dish, today no one can give up the intense taste of this legume.

4) Orecchiette with turnip greens – Treasure not only of Apulian cuisine, but loved by all Italians. The acidulous and slightly bitter taste of turnip greens is combined with the sautéed garlic, chilli and the typical handmade semolina pasta (“strascinati”).

3) Polenta with porcini mushrooms – Corn has been an integral part of Italian cuisine for centuries, although it is steeped in traditions in the North East of the peninsula. What could be better, to cheer the heart on winter days, than to let yourself be enveloped by the softness of the polenta and the scent of porcini mushrooms?

2) Arrabbiata pasta- When simplicity becomes a patriotic symbol. Pasta al dente, tomato in a pan with oil, garlic and fresh chilli. Then chopped parsley, and that’s it! Fifteen minutes for an endless goodness.

1) Trofie with pesto – Italian refinement and taste. An intense green color, given by the Genoese basil, which emanates a stream of garlic with the consistency of pine nuts. Perfect marriage with trofie, the typical Ligurian pasta that thanks to its grooves retains the taste of this incredibly good dish.

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