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Today, March 29, favorable data in the fight against Coronavirus have been recorded, let’s see them in detail.

Great decrease in daily infections

The first good news is that positive cases to Coronavirus experienced a significant drop. There were 5,974 yesterday while today they are 5,217, an excellent -757. Currently positives cases rose slightly, from 3,651 to 3,815 (164).

march 29

Good news on March 29

Then the daily percentage variation, that is how the growth in terms of percentage of the total cases varies day by day, is also constantly falling. This figure is continuously decreasing and passes from 6.9% to 5.6%, an excellent data that must be taken into consideration. The number of people healed after yesterday’s record drops from 1,434 to 646, 788 fewer. But also fewer and fewer people in intensive care unit, excellent news for our health system. Today 50 people were hospitalized in intensive care, while yesterday they were 124, 74 fewer!

Stay home

Measures are working. The daily cases are decreasing and many believe that the famous peak has arrived. This is thanks to the quarantine imposed on all those who do not carry out necessary activities. So let’s continue to stay at home. This is what each of us can do to help himself, his loved ones, and Italy.

Decline in deaths on March 29

Deaths also dropped from 889 yesterday to 756 today, (-133) compared to yesterday. A very high number, but in decline for 3 days in a row.

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