The IV Week of Italian Cuisine in the World is starting.
Italian food is known to be one of the excellences of our peninsula. Italians know it, but above all the many tourists who visit our land. Art and food are a unique combination. And so gastronomic tourism goes well with the rich heritage of cultural assets. But it’s more than that.

Vegetables and pasta typical of Italian cuisine
Typical products of good Italian cuisine. Source:

The excellent food is undoubtedly linked to the quality of the products, not only to the skill of those who know how to prepare them. So, why don’t we spread the culture of good food and healthy eating in the world even more? This is why the Week of Italian cuisine of the world is born. This year it is its fourth edition

Seven days to celebrate the IV week of Italian Cuisine

“Food education: culture of taste” will be the theme of seven days dedicated to taste in the world. The IV Week of Italian Cuisine in the World will start on November 18th and will end on the 24th. There will be events, initiatives, meetings with a single goal. And that is to promote quality Italian cuisine abroad. But above all agri-food products. There are many Italian restaurateurs who have established themselves internationally. And there are many who choose the quality of products for each table.

The pizza dough typical of Italian cuisine
The flour rolls ready to prepare the pizza

Who are the promoters of the IV Week of Italian Cuisine

This edition has been organized by an intense diplomatic-consular network. All in collaboration with the Italian cultural institutes. And so each city will offer lectures, meetings with chefs and cooking classes. And also tastings and dinners, seminars, as well as sales promotion activities. There is space for films, concerts and photographic exhibitions, which tell the story of cuisine and good food in art.

Food and environment: a unique combination

Among the many topics that will be tackled this year, special attention is paid to the relationship between food and environmental sustainability. And yet the culture of healthy food, food security, the right to food, food education. Designed and coordinated by the Directorate General for the Country System Promotion of Farnesina. The project is developed by a working group. The Ministry of Economic Development, the Ministry of Agricultural Policies, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities are part of it. And also professional associations, cooking schools, operators in the sector.

The typical pizza of Italian cuisine
During the week dedicated to Italian cuisine, pizza will be cooked

Good food and healthy eating

However, we cannot speak of quality cuisine without thinking about health. And so the topics that will be studied deeply concern the Mediterranean diet. But also the contrast to the Italian sounding phenomenon. The enhancement of the production of Italian wines, and regional food and wine itineraries. The almost 300 diplomatic-consular offices and Italian cultural institutes will spread the Italian character of food. One thousand planned activities. “The Italian government and the MAECI are at the forefront to promote and protect the Italian agri-food industry and defend our food model in the world.” Stated the Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Manlio Di Stefano. He reiterated this on the occasion of the presentation of the fourth edition.

Previous editions

The success of the event is given by the previous editions that saw the realization of over 4500 events in 110 countries. This year the promotion and rediscovery of the territories of origin of the typical products will be proposed. Furthermore, there will be a focus on the “Hills of Prosecco di Conegliano and Valdobbiadene” that celebrate their inclusion in UNESCO. The week will also be the occasion to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci.

Pasta with tomato and basil typical of Italian cuisine
Among the favorite dishes of Italian cuisine there’s pasta with tomato

Many initiatives during the IV Week of Italian Cuisine, here are some

The initiatives of the Italian cuisine week are many. Just browse the web to find suggestions based on the locations closest to you. Among these in Japan there will be over 50 appointments. In Tokyo, two journalists specialized in beverage and a Florentine bartender, Daniele Cancellara, will talk about the virtues of Italian grappa. And yet in China the Italian consulate in Chongqing realizes the passport of Italian taste in collaboration with ENIT, a list of typical dishes and wines made in Italy. Then the Pizza for Peace project in Nigeria, a bakery and pizza dough preparation course for refugee women. There are also many initiatives in Italy.

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