The Giffoni Festival was born in 1971, from an idea of the then eighteen year old Claudio Gubitosi, who is still the artistic director of this film festival.

the Giffoni festival - event poster

Giffoni is the children’s festival, for teenagers par excellence, a film festival unique in the world; where the game of the camera makes children and adults grow old, they become children again.

Giffoni Festival

The Giffoni Festival sees children and teenagers as protagonists and jurors, who come from all over Italy and the world, and many international stars love to be there. The boys’ task is to see the films in competition and then discuss them with the directors, screenwriters, authors and actors.

The Giffoni festival - Giovanni Allevi

Teenagers turn out to be very competent and loyal to duty, and among them there are many budding directors. Every day of the event, under the beautiful sun of the province of Salerno, the jurors also meet many adult guests who roam freely. Almost everyone, amused and relaxed, without the constraints of the great Festival Gala evenings with much more rigid labels, entertain themselves with children.

The Giffoni festival - American diva

Characters belonging above all to the film and television world, embark on a debate, sometimes amused and full of “play” by answering questions and telling the “cinema”. One of the guests was the director François Truffaut, pleasantly among the boys.

Giffoni Music Concept

The same Truffaut said in a letter in 1982: “Of all the film festivals, Giffoni’s is the most necessary”. The Giffoni Festival has gone from a little more than a local and regional event to a wide-ranging international event. Today they join the Festival, personalities from the world of cinema, culture and music of the highest level.

the Giffoni festival - a selfie in the crowd with the stars

The growth of the Festival is also evident from the fact that it has evolved over time; ranging from cinema to other artistic specialties, such as theater, the various figurative arts and music. The nine days of the international children’s film festival which will end on July 27th, will be a real volcano of initiatives! In addition to the Giffoni Music Concept, the event includes the screening of 101 films in competition, as well as dozens of films out of competition. However, it is the meeting with the actors that is the essential prerogative of Giffoni.

The Giffoners and the Giffoni Festival

Also this year, the “giffoners” will be able to meet film stars, such as Marco D’Amore, Giacomo Ferrara, who plays Spadino in Suburra; Stefano Accorsi on July 27th and many others. Among the international stars, besides Fanning, there will also be Evan Peters, who plays the role of the mutant Quicksilver in the X-Men saga.

The Giffoni festival - Photo by Evan Peters

But that’s not all, in fact, the organizers have organized other collateral activities, and so many unmissable events. On 26 July, for example, the 80th anniversary of Batman will be celebrated in style, and then on July 26th the film Tolkien will be screened. In this regard, a series of events dedicated to the father of “The Lord of the Rings”, which sees many fans among the boys, are planned. The Fantasy genre is experiencing a moment of great success and Giffoni rides the wave. On 24 and 25 July there will be the disarming comedy of Tommaso Cassisa, who will entertain the giffoners by dragging them.

Giffoni Experience

Giffoni Festival or rather “Giffoni Experience”, is a highly formative experience that despite being for kids, has no age limits. Every year, Hollywood actors swarm through the streets of Giffoni, sit in the shade and tell children and teenagers about the great Cinema machine. Great celebrities, great events, evenings with cicadas and lots and lots of cinema; the most beautiful show in the world! Any other info on the Facebook page of the event.

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