Marriage in Italy is not just a sacrament but it was, and perhaps consciously or unconsciously, it is still the most important social event in a girl’s life. The future brides dream of the wedding day from an early age and fantasize about every detail, especially about the dress they will wear. But nothing is left to chance, the habits and customs related to the most beautiful day have deep roots and there are so many details and curiosities that make it so special, magical and unforgettable. Did you know, for example, that the groom’s family buys the bride’s dress and that the bride’s family buys the shirt to the groom? The itCities want to tell you this and many other curiosities about marriage and local traditions: from preparations to the ceremony.

The marriage of the past

It all started with the engagement and the exchange of rings. Then there was the kit that was being prepared when the bride was still very young. Everything was important: the invitations, the hall, the menu, the guests, but the undisputed protagonist was the bride. Her hairstyle, her dress, were and still are under the gaze of everyone.
Of course, many things have changed, but many have remained the same. Getting married and organizing a wedding is always an unforgettable step in the life of a couple.
The bride is always at the center of the event, she must arrive late, her dress must be fabulous, her mother and her mother-in-law must cry, the Church must be full of flowers and so on.


We’re Italian…

We Italians have deep-rooted traditions to which we do not know and we do not want to renounce.
For this reason, always, even those who emigrated celebrated marriage according to the customs and traditions of the beloved Italy. One of the prerogatives of marriage were photographs. Those of marriage were among the very few photos that a family could afford and were stored and handed down with care and attention. How many times have we seen old wedding photos, they are beautiful!
In the past it was customary to take pictures of the photographer because they did not own the equipment. The newlyweds posed for the photographer and behind them was a drawn background. The background often depicted heavy velvet curtains or antique furniture. The richness and beauty of the clothes depended on the social class of the spouses. One thing was certain, the bride had to be dressed in white and the groom had to wear a dark suit and tie.

…also abroad

Even those who emigrated abroad married their daughters taking into account the traditions of their land of origin. From Argentina to Canada, from Spain to Africa, the embroidery of the trousseau, the choice of the invitations and the menu, the pillow with the rings, the ring appears, the guest list, the style of the clothes, everything spoke and speak Italian!

marriage abroad
marriage abroad
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