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Today, April 5, there are encouraging data regarding the number of virus infections. In fact, the trend still sees a slowdown in the growth of infections from Covid-19.

The spread of the virus

There is a good drop in daily infections compared to yesterday. From 4805 yesterday to 4316 today, 489 fewer people tested positive compared to the figure seen yesterday. Data analyzed on a total of 34237 swabs.


Other important data

The figure of currently daily positives undergoes rose slightly compared to yesterday, in fact there were 2,972 new positive cases, while yesterday they were 2,886, therefore +86. However, there was a decrease in healed people, with 819 recovered today. Still excellent news on the data of ICU patients, where yesterday for the first time we observed a drop in the total number! Therefore, the number of patients admitted to ICU is still decreasing (3,977 against 3,994 yesterday). Fundamental news for the condition of hospitals. Another important drop is recorded in the daily percentage variation, that is how the growth in percentage terms of the total cases varies day by day. Today the percentage registered is 3.5%, compared to 4% recorded in the last two days.

What to do now?

What should we do now that the data seems to be constantly improving?Stay home! We must keep it up, we cannot absolutely change our attitude, because going out now would mean nullifying the sacrifices made so far.

Death tool

There is a big drop in the number of the deceased, which however remains too high. Today 525 deaths have been recorded, 156 fewer than yesterday, and 241 fewer than two days ago! A very encouraging fact, which we must hope will continue to fall so suddenly! This result is a consequence of the positive data recorded in the past few days.

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