It is the heart of, an ambitious project that aims to become the network of Italians in the world. The itCittà represents the point of contact between those who want to promote and make known the extraordinary beauties of the country and the virtual community of our network. Within these thematic sites are collected news, stories and reviews related to the city of reference, all signed by an editorial staff in close contact with the territory, to give way to anyone to discover reality, stories, beauties and – why not? – feeling a little closer to home.

There are two models of itCittà: Italy and the World. In both Italians they meet, tell, advise, interact with each other, sharing ideas, opinions and experiences.

what is an itCittà

The showcase of Italian cities

ItCittà Italy is the showcase of every Italian city on the world to present it and promote it in the best possible way, through the words and testimonies of its citizens. A real online reference point for anyone who wants to discover and experience the place. We do all this by telling the cities, narrating the territory, the people, the uniqueness, the excellence of each country of our wonderful Italy. Presenting the city through the eyes and with the involvement of those who live it every day or those who have spent even just part of their lives, maybe their own youth, then leave, emigrate and seek fortune elsewhere, but bringing his native land always in the heart. And involving those who discover it for the first time and fall in love with it.
The best story is born from the heart and passion of those who are linked to a territory and make it a spokesperson. Because only those who love a place, can tell with passion and bring out all the beauty that every single country of our Italy has to show the world. We want to enhance places of interest, stories and people in cities by publishing content to share with locals and tourists, promoting quality and the most beautiful realities of the place through articles, photos, videos, interviews and direct events. - itCittà

A reference for Italians abroad: the itCittà World

The itCittà World is the reference point for all people of Italian origin and Italians who have emigrated to any city in the world. One of the many objectives is to help Italians living abroad, even for a short period, exchanging useful information for better integration and facilitating meetings with other Italians already present in the area. Another purpose is to promote Italy abroad, telling the experiences of Italian immigrants who bring a treasure trove of knowledge, words, places, tastes born, experienced “at home” and layered in memory, habits, style of life and becomes, more or less consciously, ambassador in the country of arrival.
Even abroad we will talk about art, culture, events, stories, curiosities and much more to discover the wonders of Italy to the world.
We want to make known the traditions, legends, the beauties of our cities, promote our language to spread and preserve the Italian culture and keep alive the link with your country of origin. itCittà

We are born of a dream and now we are an exciting reality for all those who love something unique: Italy.

Every single itCittà, both in Italy and abroad, has available the platform, which can boast a team of experts for the management of Social, support for all the publishing activity by the Associazione Editori and a a constantly expanding network, capable of reaching thousands of people all over the world.

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