Tiziano Ferro, the famous Italian singer born in Latina on February 21, 1980, turns 40. He has been selling over 15 million copies worldwide, during his career. He is particularly famous in Europe and Latin America. And he also celebrates a twenty-year career full of prizes, nominations and important awards.

Tiziano Ferro-compleanno e successi
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Tiziano Ferro and his Rosso Relativo

Tiziano Ferro reached success in 2001 when, after being rejected by some record labels, the producers Alberto Salerno and Mara Maionchi convinced EMI to focus on him. So on June 22, 2001 Ferro made his debut with the single Xdono. The disc reached the top of the European charts immediately and anticipates the first studio album. Rosso relativo was released on October 26 of the same year. He also presented the singles: L’olimpiade, Imbranato, Le cose che non dire. Even if a large part of the critics nipped the artist, people understand the novelty introduced by the singer-songwriter. Ferro, in fact, combines the R&B and pop sounds from overseas music with particular lyrics full of deep meanings.

Tiziano Ferro-compleanno del cantante
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His art is no longer seen as a bluff, in no time. Tiziano Ferro continues to spread with Xdono. The artist also records this song in English, Spanish, Portuguese and in a French-Italian version. On December 15, 2001 he also participated in the Christmas Concert at the Vatican. And again, between January 2002 and March 2003 Ferro undertakes Rosso Relativo Tour: 70 dates throughout Europe. In the summer of 2002 everyone listens to Rosso Relativo at the Festivalbar. Instead, on March 4, 2003 Rojo relativo is published in Spanish. In 2003 too, the Spanish version of Imbranato was chosen as the soundtrack for the Brazilian telenovela Mulheres apaixonadas. Boom Boom is instead used in the Italian television series Un papà quasi perfetto.

Tiziano Ferro-Cantante in concerto
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Important collaborations launch Tiziano Ferro’s career

On February, 8 2008 Sogni Risplendono was released, in a duet of Ferro and the metal band Linea 77. Then in summer the songwriter wrote the lyrics of some songs for the debut of Giusy Ferreri. On November 7th Fiorella Mannoia‘s album, Il movimento del dare, was released. There is the single Il re di chi ama troppo in it, wrote by Tiziano and sung together with Fiorella. On the same day, Alla mia età is also released, an album that contains Il regalo più grande, Indietro, written together with Ivano Fossati, Il sole esiste per tutti and Scivoli di nuovo.

A new life and a new album, at 40

Accetto miracoli is the latest work by Tiziano Ferro. It is worldwide under Virgin Records label. It was anticipated by two singles: Buona (cattiva) sorte and Accetto miracoli. Both have a gold certificate. Tiziano Ferro himself described this last work as fresh, honest, energetic. But it is also the result of the singer’s need to make new experiences. Accetto Miracoli is an album that shows Tiziano Ferro’s personal and artistic growth path. It is a reasoning made today with maturity. We can notice the change in his stylistic choices, in composition and writing. In fact, for Ferro this is a new beginning.

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