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A basic principle of all fields is the following. If you are looking for information, you must listen to official and certified sources. True or false? True. Especially when it comes to public health and the recent Covid 19 epidemic. Precisely for this reason we have made a valuable overview of the main fake news that are literally creating panic among Italians. Mainly because of their virality on the web and social networks such as WhatsApp.

True or false? Don’t mess with health

Fake news is dangerous especially when it comes to health. Here are some examples reported on the official website of the Ministry of Health. Can you protect yourself from coronavirus by gargling with bleach, taking acetic acid or steroids and using essential oils and salt water? False. None of these practices protect against coronavirus and some of them are dangerous to health. Aren’t children at risk of being infected with coronavirus? False. Children are not immune to coronavirus infection. They too can be infected and develop the disease.

Vero o falso? - locandina #iorestoacasa

Do I always have to wash my clothes and hair when I return home? False. With the respect of the distance of at least one meter from other people it is hardly plausible that our clothes, or ourselves, could be contaminated by viruses in a significant quantity. However, when you go home, you should store your jacket correctly not to put it on the sofa.

And more…

Does cutting your beard avoid contagion? False. This fake news comes from a wrong interpretation of a CDC infographic dedicated to safety at work. Does coronavirus make you sterile? False. There is no scientific evidence that coronavirus infection is a cause of female or male infertility. If you get infected, do you always realise it? False. Covid-19 can lead to symptoms similar to that of other respiratory diseases such as flu and the common cold, with dry cough, fever, tiredness. But it can also manifests itself with different symptoms, such as diarrhea, conjunctival hyperemia, sore throat, muscle pain, runny nose. Up to breathing difficulties and pneumonia.

Is there a correlation between the coronavirus epidemic and the 5G network? False. There is no scientific evidence to indicate a correlation between the coronavirus epidemic and the 5G network. To date, no adverse health effects have been causally linked to exposure to wireless technologies.

True or false? More fake news

Is the new coronavirus a mutated strain of the influenza virus? False. Coronaviruses are a family of viruses that can infect humans and transmit various diseases. The Sars-CoV-2 virus, which causes the disease called Covid-19, shows some similarities with other viruses, four of which can cause normal colds. When viewed under a microscope, the five viruses show a similar shape, which uses spike-shaped proteins to infect human cells. Are non-EU citizens immune to the epidemic thanks to the Tuberculosis vaccine? False. The Tuberculosis vaccine has nothing to do with Coronavirus: Tuberculosis is caused by a bacterium and not a virus. Remember that diseases can make anyone sick regardless of their ethnicity.

True False? The world of pets

In these excited days there are several fake news. For example washing paws to dogs with bleach. This news can be extremely harmful for our four-legged friends and for this reason the National Animal Protection Authority has decided to repeat once again the harmful behaviors to avoid, dismantling the most common fake news about pets in these days.

true or false Vero o falso? -un gattino fa le fusa ad un cagnolino

Are pets contagious? False! We repeat aloud what the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health have already reiterated in several official communications. Pets do not transmit COVID-19 and are not receptive. Is there a boom in abandonments? False. Fortunately, there is no boom in abandonment. The problem is adoptions, a bit slow, due to the difficulties of movement of people.


Do we have to bathe our pets often? False. Washing takes away the dog’s sebum, a very important layer of defense that prevents erythema, redness. Bathing should be done about four times a year. Should we clean the paws after the walk? True. Although there are conflicting opinions on the subject, it can be a good habit. Can we let the dog out whenever we want? False.

 un cagnolino bianco accucciato

Each dog has different skills and characteristics so in this case the advice is not to change the dog’s habits before quarantine. Is taking the dog for a walk from the balcony a good idea? False. Several videos of people were shot who, in order not to leave the house, are lowering the dog from the balcony. It is absolutely unacceptable behavior! And anyone who decides to do such a foolish thing can face a complaint!

True or false? The president of the ENPA

Carla Rocchi, national president of Enpa: “Fake news has now become a daily enemy to fight and, when they have animals as their object, they can even prove lethal. For this reason, Enpa never tire of repeating the harmful behaviors to avoid. Our animals are an incredible resource, now more than ever, we must take care of them with love and awareness”.

True or false? Fake news on the web and on social media

Short overview of the most viral fake news from the web. To enforce the quarantine in Russia, Putin unleashed 500 lions in the streets of the main cities. A new study shows that vitamin D reduces the infection. The false decree of the Prime Minister cuts public salaries for high offices. Fake news about Putin and the two options for Russian people: either 15 days at home or 5 years in prison. The fake news about a patient in Italy who doctors do not want to cure because he is black.

true or false Vero o falso? - tablet con la scritta fake news

The fake screenshot of the Repubblica article and the closure of the schools until May 2. 20,000 American soldiers are landing during the coronavirus epidemic. Invasion? Vitamin C as a winning therapy for patients in Milanese hospitals? The false INPS circular and 50% pensions in April due to the coronavirus. The conspiracy and the pseudomedical fake news of the lemon against the coronavirus spread by the site

More from the web

According to Il Giornale there is a secret document to decide who to save. Hundreds of quarantined migrants landed with monkey pox. The video of the Chinese man eating a dead and raw mouse in front of the camera. A doctor confesses that the government prevents migrants from swabbing on NGOs. A Filipino boy was attacked by an Italian at Lidl because he was mistaken for Chinese. Chinese document proves the origin of the coronavirus in a Wuhan laboratory. The fake video of American doctors praying before going to China. The Simpsons predicted Coronavirus. Bill and Melinda Gates want to reduce the population through the new coronavirus.

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