TuliPark reopens in Rome, and has literally blossomed into the V City Hall, on 26,000 square meters; the first Dutch garden in Italy with thousands of Tulips.

tulipark - image of the Colosseum against a background of tulips

More than nine months of work were needed, for ninety-one variety of tulips, four of which were unpublished. Therefore, it is possible to welcome the spring by booking the entrance, and taking advantage of the “u-Pick” method; or collect the tulips by yourself, creating a personalized bouquet. Also this year the maxi event has the patronage of the municipality of Rome; fundamental because it has been recognized the value, the commitment and the hard work necessary to create a true city excellence.

tulipark - image of tulip field with children playing

Visitors can enjoy a wonderful park with thousands of tulips, including some quite rare. TuliPark is a Dutch-style flowery u-pick garden, where visitors, well educated by the entrance guide, can pick tulips of their favorite color.

Blossoms Tuli Park in the V municipio in East Rome

For this spring 2019 there will be many shows, entertainment and many new attractions. TuliPark in Rome, for the second consecutive year, with the arrival of spring, “blossoms” showing itself as a colorful Dutch garden, the first in Italy. There are about four kilometers of rows for over three hundred thousand tulips to be admired and picked. These are hours of great heartbeat, since it is a delicate moment, while the bulbs are practically in bloom.

Tulipark - Image of potted tulips

Children and adults are invited to the V City Hall, in East Rome, while last year, the event concerned the area of Prima Porta. All the staff engaged in the care of the precious flowers, worked hard even at night to bury the bulbs. Many visitors are expected to be equipped with a camera for the great spectacle of flowering, receiving precise and important information at the entrance. This is to avoid picking the wrong flower or cutting off the unsuitable one.

Four expected varieties of new tulips

For this edition things are going big, with entertainment for the whole family; from windmills to typically Dutch giant clogs in a swirl of colors. Your bouquet can really be packaged independently and post the various compositions on the site. Meanwhile, on social media, avalanches of requests for photos of the bulbs purchased in last year’s edition to be sent arrived, which should now be either in bloom or about to bloom.

tulipark - image of tulip bulbs

It will be a unique and unforgettable experience, with even a vintage Wolkswagen van available for photo service, and typical Dutch dances. The new varieties that tulip lovers and purists can see are the Gerry van de Valk, the Lasergame, the Ad Rem, and finally Auxerre. Many sites are advising to visit Tuli Park in Rome, which was named as the best recommended attraction to visit in 2019.

A love for flowers that comes from afar

The love for flowers not only animates all those who are working during these hours, taking care of the bulbs next to flowering; but also the visitors that according to estimates will exceed by far the total number of 2018.

tulipark - photo of field planted with tulips

This is how TuliPark is born, with the transience of a flower, which nevertheless brings wonderful emotions, scents and colors. The passion for flowers of the company that takes care of the Roman tulip park, comes from afar, with a history of about forty years. At the beginning the company dealt only with cultivation of carnations in the greenhouse, passing then to the extended and open ones of plants and flowers; precisely tulips, lisianthus, chrysanthemum, statice and many others.

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