Vinitaly is at the height of its development, and we have now reached the 53rd edition of the International Wine and Spirits Exhibition. Italian wine, through great international growth, is becoming more and more known abroad as excellence for over fifty years undisputed in the Olympus of fine wines.

Vinitaly 2019

At the same time it is important that Italians are also aware of the great value that this nectar so longed for abroad has, where we have very high level buyers.

Vinitaly and the exhibitors

Vinitaly returns to Verona and our wines will be on display until April 10, 2019. Since last year there has been growth, in fact, Vinitaly has expanded with the increase in the area available to exhibitors, with as many as 4,120 companies present. On one hundred thousand square meters available, there will also be two hundred and ninety-one of Sol & Agrifood and 200 of Enolitech.


Vinitaly 2019 Verona; not bad! With ostentatious and justified pride, Giovanni Mantovani, the general manager of Veronafiere, has written off the big issues of Vinitaly; in fact the largest sector event in the world. This year, despite the expansion, there is no space available, with 4,600 wineries “on the track”, therefore, there are one hundred and thirty more than the previous year. This is the celebration of Italian wine and almost all producers are “made in Italy”, however the presence of foreigners is symptomatic. Many come to Italy to try to get ideas, methodologies and market strategies.

Thirty-five countries at Vinitaly

Thirty-five countries are present and represented, a very high number, which evidently if they want to produce and sell wine; they must interface with the best wineries in the world, the Italian ones. The way Italian producers work, as it happens in other sectors, is always under the microscope, and this speaks volumes. Vinitaly was born and designed, thinking only of the specialized operators of the sector; is a meeting point between supply and demand between producers and buyers, both Italian and foreign.


Apparently the choice to present the event under a professional profile, trying to interpret the needs of exhibitors; by limiting access to the event to professionals in the sector, he paid. The aim, never failed in these fifty-three years, has been to promote and enhance wine companies, without any distraction or contamination. The level of the international event is very high.

Events of “Vinitaly 2019 Verona”

By now, “Vinitaly 2019 Verona” is an event that puts the whole city in a state of flurry and preparations begin months earlier. Admission to the event is free, and everyone can browse in the various parts of the city where the events take place; however for the tastings it is necessary to purchase tokens. It is possible to buy tasting tokens directly at the event, or do it online via the link.


Moreover it is also possible to buy online participation in the masterclasses of the event. Tickets, which can be purchased online, are priced at € 85 each, and € 150 for all four days. Instead, as regards free tickets. There will be events organized at Palazzo Carli – The Sustainable Wine Palace and surroundings, and also High Altitude Tastings: Tasting in the SkyYoga & Wine! The events also include Pilates & Wine, Shakespeare & Wine, Mezzaluna del Vino, and Spoken Music.

Vinitaly timetables

Vinitaly opens at 9.30 am and continues until 6 pm on Sunday 7, Monday 8, Tuesday 9 and Wednesday 10 April. Before the event closes, there will also be “Discover the excellence of Fior Fiore Coop”, and to see all the other events, the meetings inside and outside the hall, we recommend visiting the official website of the event.

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