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Mattia vicino ad un apparecchio ospedaliero - Mattia near a hospital appliance

I’m is Mattia, I was born in 1994 in Montebelluna, in the province of Treviso, where my parents worked. At three years of age, my parents decided to leave. So my childhood happily passed in Francofonte, in the province of Syracuse. Which is what I call my “home”. After graduation, I left again, alone, leaving mom and dad.

I went to L’Aquila, a beautiful city, still wounded.

There I graduated in medical radiology techniques for imaging and radiotherapy. The degree gave me enough satisfaction. But not so much that I stopped studying and then I also took a master’s degree.

Then I went back home.

Today I work in Catania, I am a medical radiology health technician. As a kid I wanted to be a footballer though.

What we do is not so easy.

Staying cold in front of certain diagnoses and clinical stories of patients is a struggle. But I’m working on my poker face. It is not insensitivity, it is that in front of the relatives of those who are so bad, it is good not to be unbalanced. ‘Their’ good, I mean. A look or a word out of place can hurt, even if they are indulgent looks or words. Maybe even more. Hopes must be handled with caution.

With caution, softly, I say that today satisfied with me. Merit is not all mine, luck has made its. Quite a lot, I suspect. I have always been offered the means to do what I wanted. I will have to do a monument to dad and mom sooner or later.

2020 was a surreal year. I never thought I’d have to spend so many days indoors. Helpless. Unlike the others, I was able to work, but I became aware of the thinning of human relationships. Almost canceled in two months. We will have to learn all over again. The us is a complicated pronoun. It is a heritage that we must cultivate well. We must begin to deal with tomorrow together.

But maybe I preach well and I scratch badly, because today my thoughts are inevitably all present. And the biggest one, allow me, is for my girlfriend. I’ve been separated from for months. I am a human being after all.

And tomorrow I would like to continue to be it.

“We have to know how to handle hopes with caution.” Mattia ultima modifica: 2020-05-17T12:36:00+02:00 da Redazione