Barbara con un cavallo

I’m Barbara. I have been running a stable in Tuscany for five years. I am an environmental equestrian guide. I take care of the training and the good of my horses. With them I accompany tourists to discover the Tuscan hills. Full time.

It is not just a job. It’s my way. I love what I do. It gives me a sense of freedom. And then with pride. Because after all I managed to realize my childhood dream.

During quarantine my job allowed me to live in a more or less normal way. Not a day goes by that I din’t visit my horses. But I know that the effects of Covid will radically change my routine this summer. I will no longer see hundreds of enthusiastic tourists. Because the resort where the stable is located this year will not open.

But the horses will stay there and still need care and movement. Then we will work hard, me and them, hoping to be ready for a better time. Hopefully next season.

Libera. Before this difficult 2020, the most particular moment I lived was when I was 22 years old and I decided to leave my home in Abruzzo. Family, affections. Leave alone chasing a dream. It was not easy. But I did it and I feel grown-up. I feel independent. Free.

I know little of what lies ahead tomorrow. But I know a few things about today.

Today I know I’m afraid to take many things for granted, too many things. I am afraid that our country will not be able to guarantee young people a bright future.

Today, however, I also know that I am no longer afraid to go for it, to try. Even if it means making mistakes. Because if an opportunity arises, today more than ever, we must not miss it.

I wish me, my family, you all health first. And to always feel fulfilled and satisfied.

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