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In this particular historical period, not only for Italy, but for the whole world, we should remember the importance of not abandoning pets. In fact, some believe that our little friends can contract the virus and consequently transmit it to us. But it isn’t! Let’s see some important information.
Many wonder, “Can I get the virus from pets or stray animals?” The answer is no, there is no scientific evidence that animals like dogs and cats can contract the infection and that consequently they can spread it.

Quarantine and the importance of not abandoning pets

Like us, our four-legged friends are also in quarantine, so we see the importance of not abandoning pets in this difficult period. Although both people and animals are in quarantine, we certainly cannot always close them in the house or take care of those who live outdoors, such as stray cats and dogs.

importanza di non abbandonare gli animali

We remind you that it is always important to respect the health regulations such us keeping safety distances, carefully cleaning our hands, avoid hugs and touching eyes and mouth with our dirty hands. Furthermore, moving only when it is really strictly necessary is another indication to be respected. These indications are not only needed to protect our health but also that of others.

Let’s answer some questions

We have already talked about the importance of not abandoning pets during this quarantine period. On social networks and on the web there are a lot of questions to be answered. And we are in the process of doing this to help you with your pets.

Going out with the dog for a walk

Of course, it is possible to go out with your pets within your municipality of residence. Pay attention that the decree indicates that the movements must be proven, you cannot go out with your dog any time you feel the need some fresh air. Walks must be done in the vicinity of your home and for the time strictly necessary.

pets: non abbondare gli animali, cani e gattii

Pet shops

Pet shops are open. As per decree, businesses dealing with the retail trade of pets are authorized. For this reason, your four-legged friend will always have everything that it needs.

Bring pets to the vet

Because of the importance of not abandoning pets in particular circumstances, in case of emergency it is possible to bring your animal to the veterinarian. Remember to be careful to bring the self-certification with you. A little advice: try to contact your vet by phone to verify if the clinic is actually open and understand how emergencies are managed. If the visit was not an emergency, contact the office to check what to do.

Volunteering and the importance of not abandoning pets

If you are an authorized volunteer, taking care of stray animals becomes a “state of necessity“. It is important not to abandon them and continue to look after them, paying attention to all the precautions recommended by the decree. As for the exit to the veterinarian, the volunteers must also have the self-certification that declares the state of necessity.
Pay attention because in some cases the Prefecture requires certification of the association or the institution to which the volunteer belongs.

Red cross campaign “We are not contagious”

To explain the importance of not abandoning pets in this precise historical moment, the Italian Red Cross created the #wearenotcontagiuos awareness campaign. Many personalities are supporting the idea and are sending their messages to defends pets. Because in these days pets find themselves forced into the house and looking for cuddles, more than the other periods, just like us! The main message of the campaign? Dogs and cats do not infect humans with Covid-19 and therefore should not be abandoned. For this reason, hug your four-legged friend and make it feel all the love you can give it.

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