What are the 5 things you must absolutely see in Milan? What should you not miss? Which are the most interesting destinations, the costs of visits and useful information? Let’s find it out together!

Milano - Piazza del Duomo
Vista della zona più famosa di Milano

Milan, a city to be discovered that offers the opportunity to visit different attractions and surprising locations. You can visit museums, monuments, see theater performances and dine in beautiful and renowned restaurants. The city of Milan is considered the capital of fashion and economy. One of the most famous Italian cities in the world full of entertainment and culture. Let’s see what are the 5 things to see absolutely in Milan.

Cathedral square

Symbol par excellence and true heart of the city. The works for the construction of the famous Duomo began in 1386. His style is in perfect harmony between the Lombard and the Nordic and was commissioned by Gian Galeazzo Visconti. Inside there are about 3500 statues that also represent important characters not only of history but also of literature and sport such as Dante Alighieri and the boxer Primo Carnera.

things you must absolutely see in milan: duomo
The Cathedral and its square

Opening hours: everyday from 8:00 to 21:00.
Ticket price: free admission for the faithful, € 2.00 for visitors. For the lift to the spiers the price is € 13.00, € 8.00 on foot, reduced from € 4.00 to € 8.00.

The fashion district

If you are a fashion addicted and cannot give up on a fashion-forward garment, you should definitely visit the famous Fashion District. The four roads that ideally form this famous polygon are via Montenapoleone, via Manzoni, via della Spiga and Corso Venezia.

5 thing you must see in Milan: fashion district
Milan Fashion District

Qui c’è un’alta probabilità di incontrare persone famose e vedere tutte le nuove tendenze modaiole
Orari: sempre aperto.
Costo del biglietto: visita libera.

The probability of meeting famous people and seeing all the new fashion trends is very high.
Opening hours: always open.
Ticket price: free entrance


Navigli are one of the 5 things you must absolutely see. We are talking about a hydraulic work in which Bertola from Novate and Leonardo da Vinci took part. It was an ideal connection system between the city of Milan and northern Europe. Just think that the marble blocks used to build the Duomo were transported right through these canals.


The most famous canal is the Naviglio Grande and it is a very romantic and suggestive place, like a postcard.
Opening hours: always open.
Ticket price: free entrance.

La Scala Theatre

La Scala Theatre is one of the flagships of the city of Milan. It was built by Giuseppe Piermarini commissioned by Maria Teresa of Austria and began its still flourishing activity in 1778 with the music of Antonio Salieri. During the Second World War it was destroyed and rebuilt in record time.

Teatro alla Scala, Milano
La Scala theatre

It is famous for opera performances, but it is also home to the very important Academy of dance, music and theater.
Opening hours: from 9:00 to 17:30.
Ticket cost: € 25.00 per person, minimum 20 participants.

Vittorio Emanuele Gallery

In this gallery you can find students, businessmen, tourists or simple passersby. You will be surrounded by sounds, colors and flavors that characterize the famous Gallery which is located between Cathedral square and Piazza della Scala. Inside the city you can find guides who will lead you to the discovery of the historical and architectural particularities of the Gallery. As a sign of good luck, you can participate in the ritual that anyone who passes through the gallery performs: you will have to rotate three times on yourself placing your heel on the intimate parts of the bull. It is drawn on the floor of the Octagon in a mosaic representing the emblem of the city of Turin.

5 thing you must see in milan: gallery

It is cosidered the continuation of the fashion district as there are several stores of very prestigious brands here.
Opening hours: always open.
Ticket price: free entrance.
These were the 5 things you must absolutely see in Milan, there are many others that will leave you speechless during a trip to the fashion capital!

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