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A thread of hope for Alex Zanardi in semi-intensive care following the “significant clinical improvements” found by health professionals. The Paralympic athlete has been hospitalized at the San Raffaele hospital in Milan since last July 24 following the terrible accident he suffered in the Sienese hills with his handbike.

tuta bianca - Zanardi che scende dall'auto

The former Fomula Uno driver is no longer intensive therapy, but therefore semi-intensive. A first positive sign after two months characterized by a very critical situation for the athlete. After the silence of doctors and family members, the transfer to semi-intensive care arrives: a light in the dark that heartens the whole of Italy, for months in apprehension for the great Alex.

Alex Zanardi, a thread of hope after months of treatment and surgery

Finally, after weeks of treatment and great concern, hope flies again for Zanardi. “After a period of intensive care following hospitalization, the patient responded with significant clinical improvements. For this reason, he is currently assisted and treated with semi-intensive care in the Neuroreanimation unit, directed by Professor Luigi Beretta”.

interno di un ospedale

This is the bulletin issued by the San Raffaele doctors who are treating the great champion for whom all of Italy is passionately cheering. The glimmer of light that pierces the tunnel of suffering of these terrible months comes after four surgeries already carried out. Furthermore, there is also the awareness that the times for recovery and rehabilitation, for Zanardi to return to normal, will be long and complex.

That June 19 in the Sienese hills

On June 19th, Zanardi is traveling the hills around Pienza (Siena) with his handbike when he collides head-on against a truck. The impact is devastating for the athlete who reports heavy fractures to the face with a very serious neurological picture. For a few days Zanardi remains hospitalized at the Santa Maria delle Scotte hospital in Siena and then is transferred to the neuro-rehabilitation center of Villa Beretta, in Costa Masnaga. Due to the worsening of his conditions, the transfer to the San Raffaele in Milan was subsequently necessary. Zanardi is confirming once again that he has a very strong fiber despite his physique has already been severely hit by the 2001 car accident that cut off his legs. The slight improvement recorded by the health workers revives the hope of all Italians. The chorus is unanimous: go Alex!

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