Italy triumphs at the Berlinale 2020, celebrates two important awards, one of which for the interpretation of Elio Germano in “Volevo nascondermi“. A prize also for the screenplay of “Favolacce“, by the talented twins D’Innocenzo, for a film that does make waves as for phatos.

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Berlinale 2020: the triumph for italian cinema

Important awards, therefore, for the Italians competing at the Berlin International Film Festival. And we can say that the Berlinale 2020 was dominated by Romans. It was a great evening for Italian cinema. The silver bear for the best screenplay went to Favolacce, the 30-year-olds twins Damiano and Fabio D’Innocenzo, from Rome. Born in Tor Bella Monaca and raised between Anzio, Nettuno and Lavinio following their fisherman father, they told an interesting insight.

berlinale - Elio germano riceve un premio
Elio Germano – Photo from his Facebook Official Page

However, on the stage of the Berlinale, before a high-level jury, led by President Jeremy Irons, Elio Germano stood out above all. In fact, the silver bear for best actor went to him. Volevo Nascondermi by Giorgio Diritti, dedicated to the painter Ligabue, has triumphed! He dedicated the important recognition to “all the crooked, the wrong, the outcast.”

Toni Ligabue honored at the Berlinale

Of course, the prize ideally goes to Antonio Ligabue. He and his visionary lesson in art and life were therefore not lost. He believed that what you do in life is worth it. It said “someday they’ll make a movie about me“, and it happened. Elio Germano, in his beautiful interpretation, showed on the stage, under his chemise, the shirt with the painter’s effigy.

berlinale ligabue
The poster of the film Volevo nascondermi in which Germano interprets Ligabue

Sometimes artists like Ligabue are weak, and do not hide their humanity, but rather guard it, protect it, and then make it something great. Germano’s dedication, therefore, is addressed to those who do not pretend to be strong, but who have expressed themselves. The painter Ligabue had already experienced a cinematographic transposition, showing the discomfort that geniuses often experience, unable to “normality”. Ligabue also met the psychiatric hospital, and here, the thought goes to Van Gogh. He also had full posthumous recognition.

The D’Innocenzo brothers

For the D’Innocenzo brothers, however, the prize was completely unexpected and made them significantly excited. They wrote “Favolacce” together when they only were 19 years old. Now they have grown, but art remains crystallized and bears the right fruits. Moved, happy, cohesive and united as only two homozygotic twins can be, therefore, they are surprised about the success.

i gemelli sceneggiatori - i fratelli D'innocenzo
Berlinale – CC BY-SA 3.0

They have chosen the point of view of the youngest, to narrate an “angry violence”, also hidden in the petty bourgeoisie. Thanks to the children in the film it was possible to show everyone intrinsic love. Favolacce is a dark fairy tale set in the southern suburbs of Rome, an isolated suburban space. In that world, everything becomes monotonous, while life slips away opaque. A small community of families and their adolescent boys lives in this suburban framework. The protagonist of the story is the family made up of Bruno, played by Elio Germano in a great moment, and Dalia, Barbara Chichiarelli. Their 12-year-old children attend school in the area. In this peaceful family portrait, however, there is a great restlessness.

Awards for two emerging authors

The victory in Berlin therefore gives a deserved recognition to the two emerging authors. In this regard, it was 2018 when they were in Berlin with “La terra dell’abbastanza“, and from yesterday’s award, the step was short. The twins, united, to the point that they often hold hands, do not show at all that they have a gaze rich of an alienating modernity. They are in a sweet dualism between childhood and maturity, which brings important awards to Italy.

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