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She is one of the most loved Italian singers in the world. For her simplicity but also for her determination, emotions that she transmits in every song that she interprets and that immediately becomes a success. Laura Pausini turns 46 today. A rather special birthday this year. As all Italians, she too has spent these months in quarantine in her home. But she did not let her numerous fans miss her presence, with direct on Instragram and messages of encouragement. A charismatic woman, an extraordinary voice. A face that has been able to conquer Europe and especially Latin America.

Laura Pausini a casa durante la quarantena - at home during quarantine
The Emilian singer during the quarantine

Laura Pausini and the quarantine

During the lockdown, the Emilian singer-songwriter dedicated herself to her family, to the kitchen, but also to work, playing the piano and giving music pills to her supporters. But above all, like every mother, she dedicated herself to her little one, Paola. The girl is 7 years old and like every child of her age she lived this period with fears and curiosities. This is why Laura thought of sharing a message for mothers who are at home with their children in this period.

“Paola is 7 years old and like all children in Italy and in many countries of the world, she suddenly changed her school habits – she wrote on social networks -. Now she is taking home lessons and doing homework with me every day. She always tells me that she misses school, her classmates and her teachers. He asks me every morning if the Coronavirus has gone away. “ A clear invitation from the singer to the parents “to speak with our children trying not to hide the truth from them but reassuring them at the same time, I think it is necessary, today more than ever”.

Laura Pausini e la figlia Paola - Laura and her daughter
Laura Pausini and her daughter during the lockdown

The successes of Laura Pausini, the best known Italian singer in the world

During the quarantine for her many fans, the great concert that the Emilian singer had held to celebrate her forty years of age and twenty career at the ancient theater of Taormina was repeated on TV on Raiuno. An evening that made the audience full, and made millions of spectators sing. A long career that of Pausini, dotted with successes.

Since that far 1993 when at the Sanremo Festival she won with “La Solitudine” Laura Pausini has quickly established herself in the Italian song for her extraordinary vocal skills. She reached the international record market, with successes in Europe, North America and Latin America, becoming the best known Italian singer from the nineties onwards. Her successes have been recorded in Spanish, Portuguese, English, French, Catalan and Latin. There are also many collaborations from Madonna, Phil Collins, Ricky Martin, Luciano Pavarotti, Julio Iglesias, Andrea Bocelli, Michael Bublé, Ennio Morricone and Ray Charles.

The American magazine Billboard inserts its album Similares (similar in Italian) among the 50 best Latin albums of the decade two thousand and ten. Between pop and rock sounds, but also Latin music, swing and dance pop her albums climbed the charts, winning 225 platinum records. Many awards, nominations and awards among the most important in the world, such as the Grammy Awards and the Latin Grammy Awards.

Laura Pausini davanti al Colosseo - before the Colosseum
Singer Laura Pausini

Laura’s commitment to the post-emergency

And in these days of restart in all sectors, the Emilian singer has often launched messages and joined awareness campaigns. These include appeals to the government to support entertainment workers and those to help children who are experiencing this period amid a thousand fears. So that music can be of support and help to those who live in difficulty.

Featured image on Laura Pausini Official Instagram

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