In this moment of extreme difficulty, several artists express their support for Italy. A closeness manifested through creative productions that warm the heart. Like Bono Vox who recently dedicated an unpublished song as a sign of solidarity.

The power of the arts

The critical and emergency state produced by covid-19 has spread like wildfire. In addition to Italy, many other European countries and the world are experiencing real anguish. A situation that literally blew us away, sneaking up on us even if we already knew about the Chinese outbreak. An urgent need emerges from this significant amount of pressure. First of all, that medical and scientific aid that is exploiting all its energies to the maximum. Then the job of those who work in areas considered to support the system. But we all have a crucial role, we all do our part. Even “simply” staying at home. A picture is thus outlined in which, in addition to a practical and concrete contribution, there is a natural need.

Immagine di una mente stilizzata al cui interno sono disegnate note musicali
Foto di Gordon Johnson da Pixabay

A psychological support, for instance, that nourishes the mind and can come from the arts in a broad sense. Painting, dance, music and in general from what is creativity. Never as in this period are we rediscovering the value of artistic production. Crushed by the weight of everyday normality, it now suddenly regains a leading role. It helps us in this struggle, it supports us morally. Because we need this too.

Free song

We have already seen in these days spectacular performances from balconies and windows taht show the desire to cross borders. Music in particular spreads, travels, crosses temporal and geographical limits. It reaches us everywhere, it enters us, it shakes emotions. A real free song. And if this is its nature, today we perceive its particular potential even more. For this reason, those who are lucky enough to possess this talen pay homage to us with unpublished productions.

Spartito con note musicali volanti
Foto di Clker-Free-Vector-Images da Pixabay

Let your love be known by Bono Vox

And indeed, specially dedicated to this strange reality. Among the numerous artists also U2 lead singer Bono Vox last week recorded the song “Let your love be known”. Spread through social networks, it has immediately collected millions of views. A reflection on distances, on how even the smallest are, in this delicate moment, an insurmountable barrier. But music suddenly becomes the magical object of this surreal story. “Yes there was silence, yes there was no people here … You live so very far away from just across the square … But you can, you can sing across rooftops. Sing and promise me you won’t stop, sing and you’re never alone. As an act of resistence… Sing, when you sing there is no distance”.

Bono Vox durante un concerto

These are some of the words taken from Bono Vox’s song Let’s break down the limits, let’s do it through the music that makes us free, makes us feel united and moves within us a force that today, more than ever, we must “drive out”. An invitation therefore to resistance, to smile, to love. Weapons and antidotes that members of the singing world offer us. Let’s not just receive them but let’s give them effectiveness. Let’s promote its dissemination and let notes and words be our allies.

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