We all did it: sleep under the stars, perhaps covered by a beach towel that did not diminish the effects on the skin of the coolness and humidity and the excitement of being, so small and helpless, faced with so much immensity with the person that excited us. Blessed youth, we can exclaim in our thirties! At that age we emerged unscathed while today it is enough to sleep with one less blanket in the warm bedroom to experience the new limits that suffused rheumatic pains can designate.
In Puglia, sleeping under the naked firmament, without fearing the consequences of cold and humidity, is again possible for us, with the Bubble rooms. They will be available from June to Biccari, a town in the Foggia area that has no more than 3,000 souls.

Mount Cornacchia like you’ve never seen it before

Nature in its mountain landscapes is a typical image of the iconography of freedom, of simple evenings, of the bonfires of “young explorers”. Sleeping in a tent in the mountains is an experience that not everyone has done and that is often reserved for hikers or young scouts.

Bubble Room - La vista del monte Cornacchia con vista da Faeto
Monte Cornacchia Source: Wikipedia, by ALC – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

Thanks to the Bubble room, the dirt experience of bucolic living is also permitted to ordinary mortals. Placing it on the summit of Mount Cornacchia is a possibility but not the only one.

The first Bubble Room but not the only one

Of course, it may have been age or who knows what other variables, but when we were lying down under the stars when we were young, we didn’t have the problem of privacy or security. An issue far from secondary; the mayor of the laughing community, Gianfilippo Mignogna, has specified how these variables will be guaranteed thanks to a transceiver and a surveillance service in the surrounding territory.

Repertoire image of a bubble room used by the mayor Mignogna on facebook

Meanwhile, the first citizen on the official social media channels explained that “this summer, thanks to the Biccari Community Cooperative, it will be possible to sleep in the woods, by the lake or under the stars”. The idea of green tourism is a cultural revolution. It combines the need of the small village to stay alive despite modernism with the need to start thinking about how to leave a less battered world as a legacy. The mayor Gianfilippo, has rightly pointed to the romanticism of the idea.

Una bubble room
A bubble room in the Maldives. Source: dubaitravelblog.com

Puglia is confirmed as a must for the upcoming summer holidays: the beauty of Monopoli or the elegant harmony of the Baroque of Lecce and now the experience of nature. The idea is of the Biccari Community Cooperative.
An ideal vacation, an experience to do alone and in company. Between friends or with a partner, in contact with nature and under a starry sky, it has always been the best place to release stress and relax.

… and if it’s a female we’ll call her Futura

Thanks to the Bubble room we will be able to fully enjoy the nights in the mountains, at the lake or in the woods of the wonderful Biccari without necessarily having to check the weather forecast: whether it rains or not, sleeping outdoors without getting wet is possible for what will surely be an experience romantic and unforgettable for many.
In short, a whole new way to experience summer nights, a new way to look at the moon.

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