You will think of staying in the Caribbean. Crystal clear water streaked with deep blue and candidly white coasts will envelop you giving you a feeling of heavenly peace. There is no need to go overseas. All this is offered by the Cala Rossa cliff. Located on the island of Favignana in the center of the Egadi islands archipelago, Cala Rossa represents one of the many pearls offered by an extraordinary region like Sicily.

the limestone white of the Cala Rossa cliff
The calcareous white of the cliff

To reach the cliff it is obviously necessary to reach Favignana by sea. Moving from the homonymous small town to the north you will come to a panoramic view positioned just above Cala Rossa. From here a dirt path will lead you to the famous beach, where you will not have to do anything but immerse yourself in unspoiled nature, and enjoy the inevitable sun and the sea.

A stretch of coast as red as blood

What strikes the eyes of the tourist is certainly the indescribable beauty of the cliff of Cala Rossa. But where does this name come from? Indeed, in the chromatic scale that characterizes the breathtaking landscape, red is not even remotely contemplated. It is necessary to go back in time even for millennia. The story goes that not far from Favignana, precisely on the island of Levanzo, the “battle of the Egadi” was fought between the Romans and the Carthaginians. It was the last act of the first Punic War.

the crystal clear sea of the Cala Rossa cliff
Crystal clear sea in front of the cliff

The Roman commander, Lutazio Catulo, succeeded in sinking more than 50 ships of the Carthaginian fleet by making a real carnage on the Mediterranean Sea. The blood of the soldiers perished in battle was transported from the current to the island of Favignana. From that day of 241 BC that stretch of coast was nicknamed Cala Rossa.

Cala Rossa cliff: the most beautiful beach on the island?

A few years ago the Cala Rossa cliff was indicated as one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy. An island that smells of sun-scorched earth, where the numerous tuff caves jag every corner of the coast. And also how not to mention that blinding white due to the calcareous composition of the coast, ready to contrast with the turquoise and blue of a sea, where the famous tuna fishermen happily wallow. In short, the Cala Rossa Cliff has nothing to envy of an earthly paradise. However, pay close attention to telling a Favignanese that Cala Rossa is the most beautiful beach on the island. For what reason? As a connoisseur of his native land he will reply that the most beautiful beach is located a little further on at the Cala Azzurra. Indeed from a purely geographical point of view, Cala Rossa cliff is not a beach.

a cove on Cala Rossa cliff
One of the many inlets of the cliff

In this part of the island of Egadi the crystalline sea is framed by rocks of various shapes and sizes that give the visitor a long series of coves to be discovered. As confirmed by its very name, Cala Rossa is a cliff, and not a beach. Have you been disappointed? I immediately cheer you up. In reality, a small beach exists among the creeks of Cala Rossa. It has recently formed thanks to the sand supply of the Mediterranean currents. It can be reached by sea or by land through a particularly tortuous route, and therefore not recommended for children and those suffering from motor problems. Beach or rocks, Cala Rossa Cliff is a unique place to visit at all costs!

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