Pearl of the Gulf of Naples is a land as natural as it is lively. The creeks, the faraglioni, the florid vegetation and the views from above. But also its colorful taxis, shops and the coming and going of boats. It is Capri, a lush island that welcomes many tourists every year.

Island of artists

A real concentration of beauties. From the most varied landscape views that artists and poets enjoyed so much. Intellectuals who found here the ideal place to perfect the search for beauty. Capri became a classroom that was more than suitable for outdoor painting. And not only. Literates, philosophers and thinkers who, in the bewitching island, stimulated creativity. This is how Capri appeared in the nineteenth century. Destination of the great European tour together with the whole of Italy, the cradle of humanistic culture. And then, to better welcome the lovers of the place, the first hotel on the island was born. Hotel Pagano, established around 1820, holds the memory of the past inside. Voluminous books full of pages, perhaps a little yellowed, on which we read dedications left by visitors.

Capri - Image of the rocky faraglioni rising on a blue sea

An oasis of peace but also an attraction for characters of a certain caliber. Principles eager to spend a pleasant stay. Important men in a simple and genuine land. And yes because Capri was an island of fishermen. And still the first land of goats and wild boars. No coincidence that the current name still retains a similarity with these animals. Over time here developed the Greek culture and then the Roman one. But many other peoples passed through the island. Each to leave their own contribution.

Suggestive corners

What remains today of the Capri of the past? All. In fact, the island has kept its essence. If we think of its wildest appearance, the stacks can only come to mind. Rocks that suddenly rise from the water. As if they were spectators of the sea, they imposed themselves on the landscape. Vain and attractive, they force tourists to capture them in their photos.

Capri. The small square in the evening with the elegant tables of the outdoor bars sheltered from the curtains

The rugged coastline also favors the formation of bays and coves. Moving towards the interior, Capri shows a heart full of vegetation. Brooms, prickly pears and many other species housed in the splendid gardens of Augustus. Between steps and climbs the effort is certainly rewarded by sight. From here there is an overall view that allows you to collect the main beauties of the island in a single shot. Baia Marina, the stacks and hairpin bends of Via Krupp. But a must is the Piazzetta. On hot summer evenings it comes alive. Actors, nobles, ordinary people, fake rich people. A real mix of people!


Let’s continue our journey now. If you want to complete the tour, then it is the case that you face the three kilometers that will make you enter the most true Capri. Overlooking the sea is a real gem. His name is Anacapri. Set among the cliffs right here is the Blue Grotto. Enchanting and suggestive with its picturesque reflections it has aroused the wonder of many aesthetes.

Capri. Blue Grotto of which the sea of an intense blue stands out, illuminated by the light coming from the small bottom opening of the dark cave

Not just sea views. Let’s try to move inland to live a different experience. Here the silent streets seem to immerse the visitor in an impromptu place. A real refuge to purify from the rhythms of hectic life. With its flowers and colorful streets the therapeutic effect is guaranteed. There are also historic buildings. The Red House stands out among them. A Pompeian-style villa with mullioned windows with battlements, now an exhibition venue for exhibitions and events. Capri is all this: nature, landscapes, history and wellness. An island where you feel pampered!

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