Did you know that the best oncologist in the world for the treatment of lung cancer is Italian? Well, yes an important record for the medicine of our peninsula, an international recognition for an italian excellence. Who are we talking about? Cesare Gridelli a doctor born in Naples and who works at the Moscati hospital in Avellino. NHS often gets national coverage not for positive news, but not this time. And it is not the first time that the Neapolitan doctor receives international recognition.

Cesare Gridelli in the international ranking

A research carried by Expertscape stated that the Neapolitan doctor is the best oncologist in the world for the treatment of lung cancer. It is a Californian association, from Palo Alto, born precisely to deal with the best specialists in the world. In fact, Expertscape carried out an analysis on the occasion of the month dedicated to the prevention of lung cancer. It compared the research and publications of some candidate doctors over the past 10 years.

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Afterwards, it compiled a ranking based on the importance of scientific journals, quotes, guidelines. All this led to the final result based on the score achieved. Gridelli is the first, followed by Frances Shepherd of the Margareth hospital in Toronto, and Mark Socinsky of the University of Pittsburgh. “I am really proud of this result – commented Gridelli to the press – it is a testimony of how something can be built even in the mistreated south”.

Gridelli, a doctor committed to care and research

Cesare Gridelli has a long career and has already achieved great recognition. He was born in Naples on March 24, 1961. As his profile on the web reports, he graduated in Medicine and Surgery in 1985. He then took his specialization in Oncology and Internal Medicine at the “Federico II” University of Naples. Since 2001, he has been Director of the Complex Oncology Medical Unit of the “Moscati Hospital in Avellino“. He was then director of the company’s Onco-Hematology Department. He has been conducting clinical research on lung cancer for years. Moreover, he has been coordinator of clinical studies and carried out studies in the elderly patient. He is the author of more than 750 publications in Italian and foreign magazines. Among the awards, the prize for Biomedical Sciences of the association “Sebetia Ter”, prize for Medical Sciences “Lucio Colletti”. And then in November 2013 the first recognition came from the US agency Expertscape. Also confirmed this year.

His advice for prevention

It seems obvious but it is not at all. In an interview, Gridelli reiterated that proper nutrition is the basis for disease prevention. In fact, he said that improper nutrition is responsible for “20% of all cancers, more specifically lung cancers are caused for 80% by tobacco smoke”. Hence the belief that a lot of investment is needed in prevention and health checks. He believes in his work and in what he leads with his research team. And his commitment does not stop. In fact, he has also started research on biomolecular drugs. And who knows if the international goals and recognitions do not increase.


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