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Tolo Tolo, Checco Zalone’s new film grossed 18 million in the first 3 days of its release in theaters. His other film Quo vado? reached 23 million. One of the highest receipts in the history of the box office, a boom debut for Tolo Tolo film by the Apulian comedian Checco Zalone. On the second day it reached 4,941,398 euros while on the third day 4,590,096. One of his latest films managed to reach higher heights but probably because he took advantage of the weekend release.

five movies: Checco zalone close up
Checco Zalone (image from the actor’s official Facebook profile)

The producer of the film Pietro Valsecchi said: “Checco Zalone brought the Italians together in the cinemas. An incredible result that makes me even happier because it rewards Checco’s first film as director. A bet won not only for the recepits, but also for the success of the film, which has been able to entertain and excite adults and children beyond any ideological division. The new decade begins well for Italian cinema thanks to this injection of confidence and recepits that fall on the entire cinema system”.

Plot of Tolo Tolo

The film, set mostly in Africa, begins and ends in Italy. The actor follows the story of some immigrants and accompanies them on their journey. As in most of the actor’s films, at the beginning Checco Zalone leaves for Africa to escape the Italian tax authorities.

checco zalone in a scene from the film

A film not to be missed

Most people who have seen the film declare that you absolutely have to rush to see it. In an hour and a half of film, the actor manages to really hit many areas of action. In Tolo Tolo, the actor criticizes incapable politicians, migrants who fall in love with the big fashion brands and their bad copy, of those who miss Mussolini and do-gooders who are always in favor of multi-ethnicity.

Curiosity about the Checco Zalone film

Let’s see some interesting curiosities about Checco Zalone’s latest film.

  1. The music for the film is by the same actor Luca Medici (Checco Zalone).
  2. Filming touched many Italian and non-Italian cities: Rome, Bari, Acquaviva delle Fonti, Gravina di Puglia, Trieste, Malta, Morocco and Kenya.
  3. Shooting of the film lasted about twenty weeks with a budget of around 20 million euros.
  4. This film was launched with a song “Immigrato” which collects some of the images present within the film. The video clip was shot in Rome in the Bologna district.
  5. The audition for the role of the children of African origins had been made in Rome but the children who presented were all adopted, and therefore of Italian culture; for this reason the actor went directly to Africa to do a new audition to choose the little protagonist.
  6. Its title is inspired by an error on the set. The actor Nassor repeated a phrase by Checco Zalone “Solo Solo” who, with his accent, became “Tolo Tolo“.
  7. The supporting cast of the African characters were chosen in the reception centers.
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