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Chicken and potatoes is definitely a dish that will never go out of style. The eating habits of Italians may change, but (we are sure) this dish will always be appreciated. In the next paragraphs we will tell you which ingredients are needed and how to prepare it.

Chicken and potatoes

As we have already said, Italians are in love with this dish. Always present on our menus, it is appreciated precisely because it pleases young and old. Tasty and appetizing, it is certainly one of those dishes to serve during the whole year, as it is able to satisfy all palates both in summer and in winter. And therefore it is perfect both for lunch and dinner, with family or friends. In short, it brings people together.

Chicken and potatoes… a second dish loved not only by Italians

Everyone in the world appreciates this delicacy. Probably, its success is linked to its extreme simplicity: in fact, it is an easy recipe to make and does not require high costs. In addition, all the ingredients can be found without problems.

chicken and potatos in a baking dish
The recipe of the day: chicken with potatoes

Another aspect not to be underestimated is that related to health: chicken, white meat, is among those few hypoallergenic foods. In fact, it is used during the weaning of infants precisely because it does not cause allergy problems.


These are the ingredients needed to make your recipe: 1 kilo of chicken; 1 kilo of potatoes; 1 onion; a clove of garlic; 2 sprigs of rosemary; sage; salt (as required); extra virgin olive oil (as required); black pepper.

The procedure to be followed

Below, the procedure for making this recipe. First, start peeling the onion and garlic and cut them. Then, take the chicken and remove any residues; wash it, dry it and cut it into small pieces and then blanch. And now lets move to the potatoes. Peel them and cut them into slices. After that, take an baking dish and add oil and the garlic and onion previously chopped, the chicken you had previously boiled and the potatoes.

chicken with potatoes cooked
You can also add other spices besides rosemary

Sprinkle with black pepper and sage. Bake at 200 degrees for about 40/50 minutes. Remove from the oven and serve hot. Enjoy your meal! As for storage, you can eat it until the next day. You heat it and it is still excellent.

Our advice and suggestions

If you don’t like black pepper but want to give your chicken a strong flavor, you can add chili pepper. To further enrich the recipe, you can also add olives, capers or peppers, or cherry tomatoes; the latter will also give it a touch of color. We suggested to add rosemary; however, you can also combine sage or other spices: the choice depends mainly on your tastes and those of the guests who will taste this delicacy. Our recipe calls for the use of potatoes. Depending on the type, remember that their cooking time varies; for example, new potatoes should be cooked together with chicken. but you can also vary by adding vegetables (like carrots or courgettes). Finally, you can also accompany it with a delicious salad.

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