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Coco Chanel’s fancy and creativity will be on display in Paris on October 1st. The Musée Palais Galliera reopens after two years and does so with the first retrospective that France organizes on the great stylist of the twentieth century. Palais Galliera, closed from 16 July 2018, thus resumes its activity thanks to the extraordinary exhibition on Gabrielle Chanel, aka Coco.

marchio chanel - brand
The brand of the famous fashion houses

The exhibition, which will be open until March 14, 2021, is curated by Olivier Sallard who is one of the world’s greatest fashion historians. This retrospective, the first of its kind on couturière creations, is divided into ten chapters and is divided into 350 pieces on display. A real exursus that, through the Chanel style, tells the changes of our contemporary society.

Palais Galliera museum

Since 2019 Palais Galliera is the first permanent fashion exhibition center. The new section of the museum, in homage to the founder of the house, is called “The Gabrielle Chanel rooms” and is located in the basement of the building. It is a space dedicated specifically to the history of fashion, from the eighteenth century to the present day. All this thanks also to the contribution of Maison Chanel, the fashion house founded by the legendary Coco.

museo palais galliera - museum
Palais Galliera in Paris

The maison, known all over the world, represents a top-of-the-range brand that ranges from clothes to perfumes, to accessories, destined for high fashion and even ready-to-wear. The fashion house is owned by the Wertheimer brothers, nephews of Pierre Wertheimer, one of Coco Chanel’s historical business partners.

Chanel, the unmistakable style of elegance

There is no doubt that Coco Chanel was and still remains one of the most loved stylists in the history of world costume. His creations have created an unmistakable, unique style, recognizable among all the others. In a century, we have seen so many passing fashions, but having a Chanel garment in the wardrobe always remains a great privilege. A dress or accessory that bears the brand of the noble house, represents a purchase that is an investment and that imposes itself on every ephemeral trend of the moment.

marylin monroe
Marylin Monroe

The great designer also delighted in mixing intense fragrances to be used for perfumes. Among these the famous Chanel N.5, the favorite of Marylin Monroe. In fact, the famous Hollywood actress, to those who asked her what she wore to go to bed, replied: “Only two drops of Chanel No. 5”.

(Featured image: the famous French designer in a vintage photo)

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