“#Iorestoacasa, that is, I stay at home. The whole Italy is in a protected zone, travel across the country should be avoided unless proven by reasons of extreme necessity.” The were the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte’s words, live on Rai Uno yesterday evening. Italian premier has just confirmed that the whole country is now an ‘orange zone’.

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The whole peninsula is a protected zone

Conte reiterated that the ban on gathering outdoors and in places open to the public remains from north to south. “We cannot allow ourselves to create situations that could constitute opportunities for contagion – said the Prime Minister. I am forced to take decisive action to protect the weakest, especially”.

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The premier added: “We cannot lower our guard down. It’s time for responsibility. The right decision today is to stay home. Our hands must be responsible hands. “

I stay at home

The Prime Minister remarked: “On the whole territory of the peninsula the same measures adopted in the already infected areas will be valid”. Conte said: “The numbers tell us that we are having an important growth in people in intensive care and increasing numbers of deaths.

italy is a protected zone: Bandiera italia

Our habits must be changed now: we must all give up something for the good of Italy. We have to do it now and we will only succeed if we all cooperate and adapt to these stricter rules. We can summarize this new provision with the expression “I stay at home“.

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