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In such a particular, insecure moment, when it is crucial to think about the future in an encouraging way, we ask those who are entitled three tips.

delirio - foto in bianco e nero di Lucilla Vianello

She is from Rome. She is a film and television author. Lucilla after a career as a concert pianist, she abandoned music and teaching to devote herself full time to her family. In 2016, however, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and the event led her to question any previous lifestyle choices. It makes her understand that she was not happy. A path of introspection and redemption begins that will lead her to write: to put on paper reflections on life and happiness. Writing gives her strength to revolutionize herself, to look into the eyes her disease and fight it. Lucilla rediscovers herself a new woman. Dreamer and determined, she released her first novel in March 2020, “Diario di un delirio” (Santelli Editore) inspired by her history of rebirth. Illness has helped her to become what she really is, to start again following her new ideal of happiness. Every day, without conditions, without delay.

Listen to what your ‘existential delirium’ has to say

Each of us has a delirium. Each of us in a moment. In a second. Minute. Now. Each of us had his delirium. That hidden delusion. That part of pure madness, which for better or worse, goes beyond everyday life. That famous dark side always studied and analyzed but which, in my opinion, has never found an answer. Because there is no answer. It is not only lived in childhood. It is other than mixing with much, much more. It is what we never had the courage to bring out because we grew up in a mechanism that did not allow us to look at it from the beginning. But then… It breaks out… Suddenly, like an eruption and it can last a second, a minute, an hour. But also the rest of our lives. Don’t rush to stem it, try to listen to it.

Rediscover the therapeutic value of writing and art

Writing was of paramount importance during the illness. I believe that art in all its expressive forms is deeply therapeutic. When I found out that I was feeling bad like everyone else I started a personal psychological journey: my therapist advised me to write. It helped me a lot. Writing allows us to go down ‘face to face’ with our essence: it makes us acquire awareness that often escapes us in everyday life. It is liberating and gives us the opportunity to (re) view the world in a new or forgotten perspective. Try it.

Never stop evolving

I would like to encourage every woman to evolve, to rediscover herself fully and truly, without letting herself be limited by anyone, much less by herself. We must feel free to express ourselves, in all fields, even sexually. Everyone has resources and potential that should not be wasted for any reason in the world. We don’t have to wait for an illness to arrive to question us. We have to do it every day and above all don’t be afraid to ask ourself if we are happy, if the life we are living is consistent with what we really are. We must not allow ourselves to be conditioned by an always and inexorably male-centric society that would only require mothers and wives. We are more, we are many things, in evolution, a thousand facets that must be expressed, not silenced.

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