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We speak Italian! I read some newspapers and I find sentences or even headlines of this type:

During the lockdown, smart working for managers on smartphones. There is no lockdown for caregivers instead hoping they don’t stalk. Without recovery fund the flat tax moves away and the spending review is approaching, voluntary disclosure is not enough. For banks, no bail in, we hope in bail out, governance permitting. The premier will exercise his leadership and know-how to launch stepchild adoption. All of these are fake news. Take a nice selfie, like all VIPs.

But don’t we really want to use that extra neuron to find the Italian word to mean the same thing? And to say that it would be particularly easy, given that Italian is a very rich language.

But isn’t it simply that many take advantage of English terms to smoke around concepts that otherwise wouldn’t pass so smoothly? Are we so sure, for example, that it is by chance that politicians and bankers fill their mouths with English terms just when they have to communicate to a people, like the Italian one, that the English simply doesn’t know?

And then we talk about lockdown to feel international but do we know that the English term for quarantine is “quarantine”, which expressly derives from Italian?

parliamo italiano - una forchetta con spaghetti - we speak italian - a fork with spaghetti
Photo by Mae Mu on Unsplash

Let’s open our eyes. The Italian does not need all of this. And every time we use useless English terms for laziness or conformism we become accomplices of this process that is dismantling the Italian language.

Here is a list to help us not become accomplices in the destruction of the most beautiful language in the world.

Let’s speak Italian!

lockdown: blocco

smart working: lavoro agile

manager: dirigente

smartphone: cellulare

caregiver: familiare assistente

stalking: atti persecutori

recovery fund: fondo per la ripresa

flat tax: tassa piatta

spending review: revisione della spesa pubblica

voluntary disclosure: collaborazione volontaria

bail in: salvataggio interno

bail out: salvataggio esterno

premier: presidente del consiglio

leadership: abilità di guidare

stepchild adoption: adozione del figlio del compagno/a

fake news: notizie false

selfie: foto

know-how: competenza

governance: amministrazione

vip: celebrità

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