It is what it is: when we talk about fashion we talk about Italy. On second thought, there are few sectors in which one people excels overwhelmingly over the others. But if we think about the most important and consolidated fashion brands in the world, they are mainly Italian: Armani, Versace, Valentino, Gucci, Prada, Dolce and Gabbana … and we could go on and on with this list.

But how did this happen? What are the elements that led to this extraordinary success in fashion? Let’s try to hypothesize some of them.

  1. Art. Italy is full of art. Maybe we don’t realize it but we grow with our eyes swimming continuously in a sea of ​​beauty. We may not even consciously remember what we see but we feel all the art that history has left us. And it ends up making us chase Beauty even when we don’t realize it.
  2. Perfection. Italians are perfectionists. But really perfectionists. More than they think. Because they are not satisfied and have the best as a reference model.
  3. Tradition. Italy has ancient traditions that we carry in our blood. The pretty Sunday dress, the traditional clothes of confraternities and parties, the complex social hierarchy that appeared in the differences of clothes. And Italians still live it all.
  4. Competition. So many little States that made up the Italian mosaic put cities in competition with one another, with an underlying spirit that puts neighborhoods in competition with neighborhoods and families in competition with families. All this can only lead, painfully, to excellence.
  5. Religion. Italy was a deeply religious place, until recentily. The care of the Catholic rites that everyone attended showed an aesthetic beauty of vestments and ornaments that evidently has not been forgotten.

Otherwise, why is Italy still synonymous with fashion today?

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