Here is an article about the five movies to watch during the Christmas holidays. In fact, with the cold and the rain it is nice to go to the cinema. Moreover, there is no shortage of cinepanettoni. But what are the Italian proposals for those who go to the cinema these days?

One of the five movies to watch at Christmast there is the new “Pinocchio”

An interesting proposal is Pinocchio, by Matteo Garrone. The movie was realised on December 19, 2019. All the main characters of the original Collodi novel are present. In the same way, in Pinocchio by Garrone we find: Mister Geppetto, Candlewick, Mangiafuoco, the Blue-haired Fairy, the Talking Cricket, the Cat and the Fox. But there are also the little man of butter, tuna and whale. The latter, in fact, are not always present in the other cinematographic versions. This is the idea of the director who proposes a film about one of the most famous Italian fairy tales in the world. Garrone asks in fact to have a film that is as respectful as possible of the original novel. Above all, the cast is interesting, within which we find a Benigni restrained and heartbreaking. Thus Roberto reminds us of Nino Manfredi of Luigi Comencini’s television Pinocchio.

pinocchio in una scena del film con gli altri personaggi
“Disneyland Parigi” by Allibito is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 

The other characters are the little Federico Ielapi in the role of Pinocchio. As
Pinocchio himself, Federico is minute but tough. His puppet is always in balance between resourcefulness and desire to belong, disobedience and loyalty. But there are also Massimo Ceccherini and Rocco Papaleo in the roles of the Cat and the Fox. Not to mention the presence of Gigi Proietti. Another great of Italian cinema plays in the role of the grumpy Mangiafuoco with an easy sneeze. In addition, the two fairies are the actresses Alida Baldari Calabria and Marine Vacht. However, among the names that enrich the cast is that of Davide Marotta (the talking cricket). Maria Pia Timo is the Snail, Enzo Vetrano as the Maestro and Nino Scardina is the Little Man of butter. In any case, there is a lot of anticipation towards this Pinocchio.

La dea fortuna – Lady Luck

La Dea Fortuna is the film directed by Ferzan Ozpetek with Stefano Accorsi and Edoardo Leo. The film was released in theaters on December 19th. In particular it is the thirteenth film of the Turkish director Ferzan Ozpetek. This film marks the return to a story that takes place in Rome in his adopted city, in particular after Rosso Istanbul and Napoli velata, whose plot wound through the streets of Naples. In this way Ozpetek finds himself speaking once again of love and at the same time makes use of a soundtrack that includes the beautiful and poignant diamond Moon. The song sung by Mina and written and composed by Ivano Fossati on the other hand represents a piece of Italian art. With this song, we enter the mysteries and heartbeats of the human heart.

five movies Ficarra and Picone
Author: Rossella Vetrano from Italia – Flickr – CC BY 2.0

Il primo Natale – The first Christmas

December,12 was the turn of Ficarra and Picone. In fact, the two Sicilian comedians came out with their first Christmas movie. In the same way, they sought the right formula to bring a work suitable for the whole family to the cinema. But even if many solutions would have been available to achieve the cheap laugh, their comedy refuses the big laugh. So also for this film the lines are well studied. In addition, in the film there is also participation in the screenplays by Nicola Guaglianone. On this occasion, from their collaboration a film that addresses the widest possible audience
was born. Ficarra and Picone find a way to entertain children without giving up thinking. In fact, the theme of the birth of Jesus is a perfect narrative element to make us reflect on the condition of the least, the needy, the invisible.

Me contro te – Me versus you

On January 17, 2020 Me contro Te will be released. The film marks the debut in the cinema of the reality of the you tuber. Particularly accessible, friendly, volcanic, always smiling and above all much loved by the youngest. We are talking about the world of YouTube. You tubers have been active on the well-known video platform since 2014 and boast over four million subscribers to their channel. Likewise, their videos exceed ten million views, for a resounding success that makes them easily among the most popular content creators of YouTube ever. Now, practically five years after their debut on the most famous video playback site on the planet, these young people are also trying to conquer the world of cinema. In fact they bring their reality and their work into this film. A film suitable for young people.

Among the five movies: “Tolo Tolo ” by Checco Zalone

Let’s start the year with Checco Zalone. On January 1, 2020, Tolo Tolo is released at the cinema. Checco Zalone, stage name of Luca Pasquale Medici from Bari, despite often having fun in diminishing his culture and preparation, has a degree in Law. To tell the truth, in addition to the activity of comic actor Zalone recalls that he has already released several albums as a singer. In fact, the soundtrack of his new film, Tolo Tolo, is also made by him. The song Se t’immigra dentro il cuore, is his own creation too.

five movies: Checco zalone close up
Picture from Checco Zalone official Facebook page

Tolo Tolo is also the first rehearsal for Zalone as a director. In fact in his previous works he had Gennaro Nunziante as a screenwriter as well as director. For this adventure he wrote together with the director Paolo Virzì. It was not easy given the difficulties in this job. Similarly, the film was shot from Rome to Bari to Trieste. But also Malta and then Kenya and Marocco.

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