Fontane bianche, or white fountains, is that name that evokes images of a dream seaside resort. Where with a little imagination you can think of being in the most beautiful Caribbean sea.

Fontane Bianche and its beautiful beach

And instead we are in Sicily, in a sandy shore that overlooks splendid crystalline waters where you can spend your holidays, take romantic walks on the shore or simply look at the horizon. Not far from Calamosche this stretch of fine beach extends and it leaves you speechless at any time of the year.

Fontane Bianche: on summer only?

It is said that the Settember sea is the most beautiful to experience. Uncrowded beaches, calm and warm waters, but above all that peace that makes any stretch of sand more attractive. At Fontane Bianche, however, this rule is somehow subverted, because the Sicilian seaside resort manages to attract people at any time of the year! It doesn’t matter if it is August and the beach is invaded by a carpet of beach umbrellas. Or that it is October and along the coast you can only see the flying seagulls: Fontane Bianche is that place to fall in love with at any time.

The crystal clear sea of Fontane Bianche
The sea of Fontane Bianche is incredibly crystalline and calm

The beach is framed by small grains of very fine white sand. Children play for hours and parents lie down to color the skin between each dive in the transparent bay. Because here the sea is transparent and clear as in those paradisiacal overseas places that are seen in travel magazines. So why do you go far when this breathtaking beach exists in this corner of the earth? 1,200 meters of Syracusan coast where you can dive to enjoy its warm, clean and deeply calm waters, suitable for the whole family and even for those who do not have great swimming skills. The seabed is in fact low and it is not uncommon to be able to admire colorful small fish swimming near the shore.

An oasis for everybody…

Between resorts and beaches, the Fontane Bianche beach is one of the most requested destinations during the high season. There are many celebrities from the Italian and foreign entertainment world who love to travel all the way to Sicily. They want to take advantage of the beauty of this oasis of peace where they can enjoy both the splendid turquoise sea and the surrounding landscape. Even marine animals, like turtles, choose it as a destination to lay their eggs and multiply the species! It is not rare to find some areas cordoned off by ENPA. The aim is to protect these small turtles that shyly look out onto life and make their first dive into the waters of the Syracusan bay.

sea turtles in the beach of Fontane Bianche
Fontane Bianche beach is often chosen by sea turtles to lay eggs

Not only sea and beach make Fontane Bianche a heavenly place to live. Even the naturalistic oasis deserves to be explored in a day dedicated to the discovery of nature. Between birds chirping and the rustling of the leaves of the trees, we set off along that path that leads us to rediscover the contact with nature that the frenzy of the city often makes us forget. Why not stop to try bird watching too? After all, Fontane Bianche is a unique destination! It must be discovered slowly, from its sea to its streams, from its white beach to its paths where peace reigns.

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