Today’s data, April 17, is very encouraging, let’s see in detail.

The spread

The figure of daily infected people decreased slightly compared to yesterday, even if it still remains high. Today 3,493 new cases have been recorded, out of a total of 172,434. The excellent news is that these data are the result of 65,705 swabs, another record. Therefore, the percentage of positive swabs is 5.3%, the lowest figure recorded since the stbeginning of the pandemic. This figure gives the idea of diffusion based on the number of swabs.

great news, april 17th data

Other data

Another extremely encouraging figure is that of the current positive cases, only 355 currently positive cases have been recorded today, even here the lowest number since the start of the pandemic. This figure is certainly a consequence of the high number of people healed, here too a record, +2,563. The epidemic curve also drops, from 2.29% to 2.07%.

From hospital

The excellent trend about hospital pressure continues, thanks to a large decrease in ICU patients and patients hospitalized with symptoms. There are 2,812 ICU patients, 124 less than yesterday. The number of patients hospitalized with symptoms also decreased, 1107 fewer patients, out of a total of 25,786.

Death tool

Death tool, unfortunately, is still high, 575 deaths. This number will be the last to fall, being a consequence of the data of the past few weeks. We hope and trust that with the favorable data recorded this week, the number of deceased will be increasingly reduced.

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