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Neologisms. They would be a good opportunity to enrich the Italian language with beautiful new words, useful for progressing in a present that is becoming increasingly complex. Instead we often end up coining of horrendous ones. Leaving aside the very long list of English words that we use without any sense, here is a list of terrible words that have become part of our everyday talk.

Gastronomic neologisms

Apericena: what the hell is that? If you eat is a dinner, if you don’t eat it is an aperitif. Stupidity follows fashion. And for some strange reason this term has become fashionable.
Pizzata: it should derive from the verb “pizzare”. That exists. And it means “hitting the pier or another ship with a wrong maneuver”. Think about it before you invite friends.
Insalatona: that is a ‘big salad’ Why? How big should it be to switch from insalata to insalatona? Or maybe it refers to a type of giant lettuce? Why not just “salad”?

Business words

Experiential: ‘Esperenziale’ in italian. Are two ears enough to hear how bad it sounds? Instead it is used more and more often for the most disparate things. Why not leave this word in the field of philosophy and science?
Synergy: when you want to use a word to avoid being understood, some “synergy” comes out of the hat. In fact, it has also lost the meaning it really had.
Vision: do you want to describe nothingness but full of words? Try with word this and you will be satisfied.

Distorting neologisms

Info: I don’t want to have “info” but “information”. We are not so desperate that we cannot afford three more syllables.
Week: what do you do over the week? Abbreviation of the English term “weekend”. The user makes his own declaration of linguistic ignorance.
Attimino: ‘quick sec’. Why? How short should a moment be to become so short?
Aiutino: or ‘little help’. What is it, a help that is so insignificant as to not work?

neologisms - Italian flag with the words "the words of the new Italy" inside

Neologisms from personal growth

Bioenergetics, neurolinguistic, holistic, dynamic are just some of the existing words that are used as simple big words to bewitch and show a culture that those who use them do not have. Also because they are always used without a real connection with the reality of their meaning.

English neologisms (the worst)

Spoilerare: the worst, because it takes an English word (spoiler) that comes from a verb (spoil) and turns it back into a verb. If you really wanted to keep the verb it should be “spoilare”. But there is also an Italian language, which among its words also has “anticipation”. It would sound great.
Googlare: no, please.
Link: but why? Can’t it simply “connect”?
Fotoscioppare: the name of a program cannot be made verb …
Meccia: from match. But used in Italian spelling.

Other words

Quant’altro ‘Anything else’: used almost as interlayer, as if it did not exist “etc.”
Piuttosto che ‘Rather than:’ it does not mean “or” as many believe. It means “instead of”.
Adoro ‘I love’: why use a verb, without subject and without object, like an interlayer?
Ciaone: let’s say goodbye, with this word vomited into our ears by the mass culture. Because a hello does not seem to be enough anymore.

Hideous neologisms. The words of the new Italian are these ? ultima modifica: 2019-12-06T10:06:45+01:00 da Paolo Gambi