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Holocaust Memorial Day – January, 27 2020. «Today more than ever, it is necessary for young people to know, realise and understand: that’s the only way to hope that that unspeakable horror will not happen again, it is the only way to get us out of the darkness. And then, if my testimony, my story of survivor of the death camps, my presence in the heart of those who understand piety, serves to increase understanding and love, I will be able to think that, in life everything, even the most absurd and terrible things, will have served as a ransom for the sacrifice of so many innocent people, love and consolation towards those who are alone will have served to build a better world without hatred or barriers.» Silence of the living, Elisa Springer.

Holocaust Memorial Day January, 27th 2020

On November 1, 2005, January 27 was chosen as the day of remembrance by UN member states. Just that day, in 1945, the Auschwitz gates were shot down by Soviet troops. On January 27, approximately 9,000 survivors were rescued and the horror of the Nazi-fascist genocide was revealed to the world. Knowing is necessary, remembering is a duty towards the victims, but also a moral imperative. It is a civil and urgent commitment. A day that serves to remind us to commit our forces against violence, discrimination and against all forms of hatred.

Remembrance Day 2020 January 27, Birkenau

A date from which to start to affirm the principles of justice, peace and equality. To defend freedom and to promote it every day. An international day that includes numerous initiatives. The common thread, remembered by the president of the National Magistrates Association, Francesco Minisci, is the need to remain vigilant and attentive before hate and discrimination of all kinds.

January 27 in Italy

Holocaust Memorial Day serves to commemorate the victims of the Holocaust, to remember, but above all to ensure that these horrors will never be repeated. Italy remembers the victims of the Shoah, but also those of the racial laws passed during Fascism, those of the deportations and all those who risked their lives to save others. Remember the Italians, the Jews, all the children, women and men who suffered horror. All those who opposed the extermination project and who protected the persecuted. Italy, on the Remembrance Day January 27, 2020, does not forget.

plates with names

We all need to know and study the past to fully experience the present. In Italy, since the enactment of law 211 of 20 July 2000, meetings and moments of narration of the facts are organized. Spaces for reflection, for young people and not only them and school events to raise awareness and study the past. The commitment to teach, to dedicate oneself to peace and cooperation between peoples, to supply and develop tools for memory. The aim is not to let this sad page of history fall into oblivion. Memory also enriches man, leaves room for reflection and affirms the value of life. Remembering and stirring consciences so that human dignity is no longer trampled on.

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