Architecture is the testimony of man’s aspiration to win time by raising order in space” wrote Hermann Broch. To bring together those who deal with it in our country, in 1959, the National Institute of Architecture was born from the idea and ingenuity of Bruno Zevi. The need to promote and reward the excellence and value of Italian architectural works also soon emerged. And so it was that in ’62 the first edition of the In/Arch Awards was organized.

In/Arch Awards for Italian architectural excellence

In/Arch awards reward Italian architecture. During the presentation of the first edition, Giulio Carlo Argan, historian and art critic, describes them as a way of pointing out the architects “who have carried out a work of synthesis and final resolution of all force components in the last component, that is in the ‘artwork”. But, he adds, “they are also aimed at rewarding political personalities, officials of institutions, producers, art critics, institutes and businesses, that is, the entire sphere of activities and interests, at the center of which the artistic result is placed”. Therefore, it is an opportunity to meet for entrepreneurship and design. In fact, not only the work itself is rewarded, but all the subjects that revolve around it. The one who commissions it, the one who designs it and, finally, the one who builds it.

premi in/arch - foto in bianco e nero di bruno zevi
Bruno Zevi, the founder of the National Institute of Architecture

The premises are rewarded, therefore the need that initiates construction, the idea, the project. In practice, the entire complex of the production chain, the resources and the realization are rewarded. But also the synthesis, the work and its intrinsic value, which gives our cities a legacy to admire for eternity. And finally, control, management and maintenance is also rewarded.
The first edition of the In/Arch awards dates back to 1962. This is a biennial event that has not had any interruptions until ’72. Since then, demonstrations have not been organized for 15 years except in 1989 and then in 1992. The awards experienced another pause, this time thirteen years, to return in 2005 thanks to the collaboration with the ANCE. The last edition of the awards dates back to 2014. This one of the current year is therefore a restart.

The 2020 edition

The 2020 edition was willed by the National Institute of Architecture and the ANCE, Homebuilders Association, in collaboration with Archilovers. And it is particularly felt during this Coronavirus emergency, this crisis that undermines any desire to do. But it is precisely in this atmosphere of discouragement that there is the strength to continue to enhance what is already built and might be built with a gaze into the future. All scheduled events are therefore not canceled but transferred online. “While forced into our homes, we continue to immaterially ‘beat the territories’ in which our roots are rooted, to enhance their polycentric and multiple vitality,” writes In/Arch Vice President Luca Zevi. From March, 17th and until May, 18th, customers, designers and construction companies can submit their applications on where the call for applications and participation form are present.

The categories of In/Arch 2020 awards

This edition includes 20 Regional Awards and National Awards for individual buildings or complexes of newly built or recently qualified buildings. Essential is that they are located in Italy and made by Italian people. And that they were built and completed between 2014 and 2020. There are six categories: awards for new construction interventions and for interventions made and/or designed by young designers. Prize for an urban regeneration intervention and for a building redevelopment intervention. “Bruno Zevi” award for the dissemination of architectural culture and, finally, the career award. For each category the best designer, the best building company and the best commissioner will be awarded. There are also five special prizes: the special Solar Architecture prize in prestigious contexts and the special Listone Giordano prize. The special prize Manini Prefabbricati, the special prize Vimar. Finally, the special Willis Towers Watson award.

The award ceremony

Nine juries will award the Regional Prizes. The award ceremony will take place during public events that the In/Arch Regional Sections will organize throughout the year but dates and locations are to be defined. Finally, among all the regional winners, a national jury will award the National Prizes. The delivery of which will take place during the Venice Biennale in October.
The 2020 edition of the In / Arch awards is an opportunity to start again, looking beyond the crisis.


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