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Nature is always unique and original. There are no two identical places in nature. Maybe they can be similar, or have common features, but never identical. As for the place we are going to tell you about, Mother Nature really enjoyed creating a spot so peculiar as to be practically inimitable. Often we asked ourselves what characteristics a place should have to be defined beautiful, and very often the answer does not satisfy everyone’s tastes transversely. However, what we can say with certainty is that, in spite of the taste and preferences, there are places that we leave with bated breath. This is the case of the beach and abbey of San Fruttuoso.

San Fruttuoso beach

A beautiful whim of nature, literally embedded in the rock in one of the regions which, from a natural point of view, is among the most beautiful in Italy: Liguria.

san fruttuoso: vista dell'abbazia e della spiaggia - San Fruttuoso: view of the abbey and the beach
Author: Aloa – Flickr – License: CC BY 2.0

We are in Camogli, a Ligurian town that is part of the metropolitan city of Genoa. Few inhabitants, just over 5 thousand, but unique features of their kind. First of all the beach of San Fruttuoso. Small and beautiful, particular and suggestive. Basically, a strip of coast enclosed in a gulf dominated by a mountain, on which an abbey was built. The beach, about 50 meters long, can only be reached on foot or by boat. There are no roads or routes that can be traveled by car. The path that leads to the beach, as well as to the abbey, is simple but relatively long, yet so well maintained and signposted that it does not create doubts or inconveniences for anyone who wants to venture.


Starting from Portofino and walking at a moderate pace, you will arrive at your destination in just an hour and thirty minutes. Along the whole route you will cross paths and fabulous naturalistic landscapes. It’s considerably elevated from the sea, so along the way you will find points from which to enjoy a view of the coast and the splendid Ligurian sea, therefore, bring a camera.

spiaggia e abbazia di san fruttuoso - beach and abbey of san fruttuoso
Author: Twice25 – License: CC BY 2.5

There are also alternative ways of approaching the beach, by car, bus or boat and then travel a shorter distance on foot. The walk is however inevitable and strongly recommended since none of the alternative routes is minimally comparable to the beauty of the pedestrian path.

The abbey of San Fruttuoso

Spectacular, both for its position and for its appearance, the abbey of San Fruttuoso is one of the most suggestive buildings in Italy. The first stones were laid by Greek monks around the middle of the tenth century. The history of the abbey is full of intertwining, of vigorous and sonorous moments that have fallen. From the Benedictine monks to the Doria family, until the definitive transfer of ownership that sees it today in the hands of the Italian state. This pearl has had many faces. At the beginning a rich and full of charm for several centuries, and then a simple accommodation for the poor fishermen. Pirates and travelers have been its pleasure and pain.

abbazia di San Fruttuoso
Author: Pjt56 – License: CC BY-SA 4.0

The beach and abbey of San Fruttuoso and its surroundings

The structure is open to the public. Halls, rooms and old dormitories can be visited once you bought the ticket, whose cost is around 5 euros. Our advice is to visit the interior, it will be definitely worth it. Liguria is a magical place full of charm and beauty. From Portofino to the Cinque Terre to Porto Venere and La Spezia, an infinite series of natural paths and beaches that seem to be kissed by Mother Nature. If you have the opportunity to spend two weeks in this region of Italy, you will come back changed. Fall in love with a land that will leave your eyes full of beauty.

In Liguria, the beach and the abbey of San Fruttuoso will enchant you with their beauty ultima modifica: 2020-07-02T15:15:05+02:00 da Dalia Grasso