A daily gesture capable of softening our days. In the morning during breakfast while we turn the spoon so that it melts. But also at the bar during a coffee break. And why not, in large quantities as we try to prepare a cake. Left to slip from a sachet or fished by a sugar bowl, few of us are able to give it up. Sugar? Yes, but not the usual. Grape sugar, a product that allows us to make a special trip to Sicily, to Mazara del Vallo.

Grape sugar, what is it?

One word can have different meanings. Commonly when we talk about sugar we are referring to something that has sweetening power. But not all sugar is the same. There are different types because there are different “sources” from which it is possible to obtain it. We then pass from the canon beet sugar, present on the market in small white granules, to reach cane sugar. From the brown color when it presents traces of molasses to a lighter tone when it is deprived of it. Both contain sucrose. And we know, it is true that we like its sweet taste, but we must to try not to abuse it!

a spoon of white sugar

But let’s continue. It will certainly have happened to you to find on sale products with the words: “with grape sugar” appearing on the packaging. A typical case is that of yoghurts. What’s the difference? Well obviously the origin. Son of the grape must cleaned of all substances other than sugars. Is it more dietary? Is it light? Does it hurt less? According to experts and chemistry, grape sugar is a mixture of monosaccharides, mainly fructose and glucose. Elements that are immediately absorbed by our body to give us a charge of sudden energy. But what does grape sugar look like? And what does it have to do with Mazara del Vallo?

Mazara del Vallo and its sweet production

Initially produced in the form of syrup and therefore usable only for specific products. But the big breakthrough comes in 2012 when grape sugar makes a leap that makes it usable in different areas. Not only in the service of the food sector but also in favor of the cosmetic field as well as for the realization of supplements as well as “natural” and “organic” products. This is how grape sugar was born in crystalline form thanks to the use of high technology signed “Mazara del Vallo”.

Grape sugar. Grape grapes crossed by a ray of sunshine

A partnership that combines tradition and research. The result is a real excellence. That start-up has in fact patented internationally the useful methodology for arriving at this result. But also “an exclusive encounter between nature and technology”. These are the words that are read on the Sicilian company website. Words that allow us to contextualize, and better understand, the reality in which this production is born. The Trapani area with its 60 thousand hectares of vineyards; a local production that is the daughter of these places, of the climate and the nature that hosts it.

Grape sugar. A vineyard with the green colors of the ripening fruit

An advantage made well fruitful thanks to study and research and that knows how to be respectful of the environment. In fact, Naturalia reminds us that the added value of a production of grape sugar in granules is also reflected in the territory. In logistic terms, in fact, transport volumes are reduced by 34%. A good, natural product that can be highly competitive on a global scale. But also a grape sugar that benefits the island, capable of awakening, upgrading and promoting Sicilian agricultural development. From the resources of the territory that nature gives to the ability of men to make something precious.

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