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Live concerts with the public restart after the lockdown restrictions. Gianni Morandi, Red Canzian, Max Gazzè and Diodato are the four artists who open the 2020 summer season today, Monday, June 15, while still maintaining some anti-infection safety measures. In fact, a maximum of one thousand people who can respect the rules on social distancing can participate in the concerts.

concerti - gianni morandi al Ta Qali di Malta
Gianni Morandi

The four artists said they were happy to restart the season of live events; for all a great mixed emotion even with emotion that comes after one of the most difficult periods that Italy has ever experienced. Freeing music will certainly also serve to raise the morale of Italians. A surge of life and energy for a whole country still struggling with Phase 3 of the health emergency for the Coronavirus pandemic.

The first concerts with the public in the summer of 2020

4 names in music will restart the season of live shows, defined for the occasion as the ‘four musketeers’. Morandi needs no introduction: he is the icon of Italian pop music. Red Canzian has sung and played for 50 years with Pooh, the most popular historical pop group in our country.

concerti - max gazzè - concerts
Max Gazzè

Gazzè is an exponent of a generation of independent songwriters who has been able to establish himself for talent and innovative ability. Diodato won the last Sanremo festival and is one of the most popular emerging songwriters on the national music scene.

Morandi and Canzian, the first to perform

The first to go on stage to inaugurate the concert season will be Morandi and Canzian. The eternal boy from Monghidoro will perform at the Duse Theater in Bologna with a free concert that will start at 9 pm. Canzian will bring him forward by two hours and will give life to his concert on the stage of Piazza dei Signori in Treviso. The show is organized by the Treviso municipal administration and the Teatro Stabile del Veneto.

concerti - red canzian sul palco durante la sua esibizione - concerts - red canzian on stage during his performance
Red Canzian

Gazzè and Diodato concerts scheduled for July

To be able to attend the concert of Gazzè, we will have to wait for the beginning of July. From 2 to 4 next month, the artist will be at the Cavea of the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome. On the restart of the concerts, the singer-songwriter said: “Ok to the 1000-seat tours, I give up the cachet of the great live shows to give dignity to those who are stopped.”

concerti - diodato su palco durante l'esibizione  - concerts - held on stage during the performance

Diodato, on the other hand, is planning a minitour that will bring him back on stage on July 4th at Musicastelle Outdoor in Valle d’Aosta. From 25 to 27 July, the young singer-songwriter will also be at the Cavea of the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome. While on August 4th he will close, with another live, playing at dawn in the Greek Theater of Tindari for the Indiegeno Fest.

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