, the network of Italians in the world, was presented in Malta thanks to an initiative of itMalta, which is part of the network. The event took place at the Italian Cultural Institute La Valletta, as part of the “Magic Box” curated by Dr. Anna Porcheddu. We were honored by the presence of the Italian Ambassador to Malta, Mr Mario Sammartino and his wife, Mrs Federica Modena.

the network of Italians in the world
The Italian Ambassador to Malta Mario Sammartino and his wife, together with the founders

The Director of the Italian Cultural Institute Valletta Dott. Massimo Sarti, representatives of the Italo-Maltese Chamber of Commerce. Maltese university professors, scholars and advisers of the Italian language and all the members of the board of directors of the foundation were there. The hall was packed with many Italians and Maltese, all in love with Italy! project presentation

Paola Stranges, the co-founder, explained the mission.
Creating the network of Italians in Italy and in the world, a network of people belonging to Italy by birth, by origin or by love, to tell and promote our nation. She spoke about the millenary culture, the unique cuisine, the style, the taste for beauty. The sympathy and the art of knowing how to affirm even away from home. - some websites
some websites of the network

She showed how Italians emigrants, their children and grandchildren all over the world interact with our network, helping to tell stories and memories of their city of origin. Particularly touching was the moment in which she showed some of the messages received from our fellow countrymen abroad. From which strong pride and the desire to be and feel Italian are evident. The silence in the room highlighted the emotion, the sense of belonging, the identity of a people that is found in the values ​​of our Italy.

This presentation continued talking about a series of activities and initiatives that have been carried out in many Italian and foreign cities of the network. The rapporteur showed the slides of some itCittà. In particular he spoke about itBuenosAires, itToronto, itMalta in reference to itMondo, and of itMatera, itCatania and itVenezia as examples of itCittà Italia. In addition, she ideally toasted with the aperitif that the network has elected “ offical aperitif”.

Some of the projects, linked to the network of, which will be launched in the coming months

A series of projects close to launch has also been mentioned
One in the most advanced stage of realization is, presented as an innovative idea of marketplace on experiential tourism. It selects and proposes only the best tourist-emotional activities told every day on the sites of the network.

The development of the vertical portal is also underway, which aims to spread the works of emerging and established artists.
The activation of a work group that will allow the use of blockchain technology for the protection of “made in Italy” has also been mentioned … but not only.

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The evening was extended beyond the expected, continuing to deepen the ideas proposed during the presentation. With the buffet kindly offered by the Italian Literary Café Idea, sipping the wine selected by EnoCult E&B., the network that tells the Belpaese ultima modifica: 2019-06-13T10:40:35+02:00 da Emanuele Ferlaino