On February 21, a situation that seemed away from us exploded. Until then it had affected China and some other Asian countries. Now it’s here. The distance has suddenly decreased, as opposed to a time that appears dilated. What do Italians do? How do they react? What do they “invent”?

Time of responsibility

How often do we complain that we are in a hurry? That we would like to be able to do more things than the tight rhythms of everyday life allow us. “I have no time!” we often say. Perhaps not being satisfied is inherent in human nature. Now that we have a lot of time, we are unable to manage it. Suddenly it has become too much. And so we are getting capricious. Of course, this “domestic confinement” is not a holiday. We cannot go around or see friends or relatives. Perhaps what bothers us is the lack of freedom. We cannot do what we want, where and when we feel like it. Many people experience “freezing” symptoms. We feel hibernated, as if suspended in a strange dimension with surreal features.

Anniversario dell'Unità d'Italia, 17 marzo 2020

But we must wake up, we must realize that what we are asked is not a great effort. There is no time to be unreasonable. Let’s think for a moment about the many health workers, doctors and nurses who are really sacrificing everything to save even those who, frivolously, did not understand that we have to stay at home. Let’s reflect on another aspect: many of us are fortunate not to have contracted the virus. And let’s focus for a moment on the condition that the sick are experiencing, on intensive care, on the state of anguish of their loved ones who cannot even see them. Do we still really want to complain? WE MUST ONLY STAY HOME. We spend time in a safe and familiar place. Let us feel privileged, we make our contribution responsibly.

Italians: creative people

In these days there are several videos in which the songs that most represent our beautiful country are sung from the balconies. They are hymns of courage, real injections of optimism. And Italians are masters in that! They unsheathed their creativity together with that sense of national cohesion that canceled all parochialism. Now more than ever  we feel united, proud to live in this country. A patriotism also exhibited through the flags that flutter on the windows.

italians: Italiani. Raffigurazione colori della bandiera italiana con pomodori, spaghetti e basilico
Foto di Ulrike Leone da Pixabay

And then, rainbows that instill hope, that tell us that “everything’s gonna be fine”. We are Italians, we have passion and imagination. We don’t need big stages, we just need a balcony. And so, together with violins and guitars, that couple entwined in an embrace dancing on the terrace also appears. These are images full of feeling. But we Italians also have other qualities. The comic side, the one that helps us to overcome difficult moments. With our irony we ease the tension because smiling is vital! And then, all that we are also emerges from our homes from which we spread strength and healthy energy.


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