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Political map of Italy, all the wonders of the beautiful country. From the Alps to the Strait, islands included, Italy still remains the Beautiful Country, with its geographical beauties and its history. Breathtaking mountains and landscapes form an ideal crown that marks the border between our country and other neighboring nations. And then there are the Apennines that make up its backbone. Plains and hills are the ‘cradle’ of ancient villages that have remained the same over time and where life seems to have stopped.

pienza ancient village
The ancient village of Pienza

No stress, no frenetic rhythms: a world apart that stands out from the noise and daily routine of big cities. Political map of Italy also means cities of art with priceless masterpieces that the whole world envies us. And it also means wonderful islands scattered in the seas that lap the coasts of the boot. Many oases of wild nature, smells and flavors that color the Mediterranean.

Political map of Italy: mountains

The many Italian mountain groups starting from the Alps are manifestations of a nature that expresses all the magnificence of creation. Mont Blanc stands out in the Alpine chain, the highest peak in Europe with its 4,808.72 meters. The teachers of the past made the pupils learn the sentence “Ma con gran pena le reti a te calo giù”“But with great pain nets are dropped on you” – to fix in mind the names of the various alpine mountain groups.

monte bianco
Mont Blanc

Marittime, Cozie, Grazie, Pennine, Lepontine, Retiche e Carniche, Atesine e Giulie. Even the Apennines reach considerable heights and then do not forget that between one chain and another, Italy also has important volcanoes. Among these, Etna in Sicily always active and Vesuvius in Campania, not active.

Villages: when the past is still present

There are hundreds of villages in all Italian regions. In recent years many initiatives have been created by various associations and organizations to protect this important historical and cultural heritage of the beautiful country. Political map of Italy meets and binds with the beauty of the places and the tradition that is perpetrated in the places themselves.

La nostra passione è il cibo e la cucina. La cucina italiana è conosciuta in tutto il mondo

These are villages where you can take refuge to restore your mind and spirit by rediscovering pristine green spaces and also tastes and flavors of ancient gastronomy. The villages are the places of lost roots to be re-evaluated and handed down to the new generations, of the typicality that is synonymous with uniqueness.

Cities of art

It’s written political map of Italy but it could also be read cities of art. We can say that Italy has very famous cities of art with works, monuments and buildings that have always left visitors from every nation and every age entranced. In cities like Rome, Florence, Venice, Turin, Verona, Siena, Perugia and many others, you can walk through the centuries and breathe history.


Not just Sicily and Sardinia. In Italy there are 800 small islands, 80 of them are inhabited. Their charm is unquestionable. They are small paradises immersed in the Mediterranean where you can relive your passion for adventure and where you can enjoy sun and sea for many months of the year.

stromboli - l'isola di salina
Aeolian islands

Unspoilt landscapes, characteristic inhabited areas and, here too, genuine flavors of good Italian cuisine. Without forgetting the vestiges of ancient civilizations such as the Nuraghi in Sardinia or the Magno-Greek temples in Sicily. The enchantment of nature and secular history: a perfect mix that satisfies and gratifies, that makes you feel at peace with yourself and with the world.

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