“Lo sguardo del buio, il Cieco d’Adria e il Tintoretto”. “The gaze of the dark, the blind man from Adria and Tintoretto”. This is the title of the exhibition that the Municipality of Adria dedicates to Jacopo Robusti, known as Tintoretto. From February 15th to May 17th. The event is organized on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the artist’s birth. And it is in collaboration with the Museum complex of Veneto and the direction of the National Archaeological Museum of Adria.

lo sguardo locandina

Bancadria Colli Euganei and Delta Consulting srl support the initiative. Together with the institutions of learning. “C. Bocchi” of Adria and the Accademia dei Concordi of Rovigo. The media partner of the important cultural event is itAdria, the site that tells the story of the excellences of the Venetian town and which is part of the Italian.it international network.

Lo sguardo del buio, the exhibition at the National Archaeological Museum

This exhibition focuses on the portrait owned by the Municipality which depicts Luigi Groto, the famous “blind man from Adria”. The work is attributed to Jacopo Robusti known as Tintoretto or rather to his workshop and is currently kept in Palazzo Tassoni. The scientific project edited by architect Alessandro Ceccotto, that is partner of the Pro Loco of Adria, includes the exhibition of publications, booklets, engravings and Renaissance ceramics.

lo sguardo e la mostra del cieco di adria
An image of the exhibition dedicated to the Blind Man of Adria

“The exhibition – explains the assessor Andrea Micheletti – is an opportunity to make a journey through the iconography of the scholar from Adria. A journey through the portraits reproduced in his publications and in the other works that represent him. The goal is to focus on his blindness, meant not as a debilitating feature, but as an opportunity to penetrate reality “.

Lo sguardo del buio, the blind man from Adria

With this event, the classical figure of the blind poet is rediscovered. A man who, like a fortune teller, manages to transcend reality in order to arrive at the truth inherent in things.
A role that Luigi Groto played in life through the art of poetry, so much so that he was asked to interpret Tiresias in 1585. The request came for the inauguration of the Olympic Theater in Vicenza, with the tragedy Oedipus King of Sophocles.

lo sguardo e i libri in mostra
Some exhibits on display

The path for blind and visually impaired  visitors

“In this regard, the exhibition was born with a path parallel to the traditional one”, explains the mayor of Adria Omar Barbierato. In fact, the second route is intended for tactile use for visually impaired and blind visitors. The mayor still points out that – this is an added value for the event. A distinctive feature intended as a vehicle for universal cultural transmission.”

The 3D exhibition and Braille brochure

In the exhibition itinerary, through 3D reproduction, various finds such as the canvas depicting Luigi Groto, will be available. And, again, a fragment in Attic ceramic from 440 BC. with the myth of Oedipus, kept in the National Archaeological Museum.

il cieco

In addition, a Braille writing booklet will be produced cured by the section of Uici (Italian Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired)m or Rovigo. While the wooden bust of the blind man will be reproduced by the Institute of Higher Education Polo Tecnico di Adria.

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