Let’s face it: the history of Italians is not crawling with fantastic dreams of love came true and on Valentine’s Day it is fair to remember it. But otherwise how it can be? After all, even the top poets and daring writers teach us that in our history there is a bit of bad luck.

Love in the time of Google Maps

Midway upon the journey of hislife, he found himself on a dark road, because he had lost the path for the soccer field. No one could find the way and Dante, who looked ahead, checked the phone with a compulsive hand. Maybe did he need a person to guide him? His mind went to Beatrice, with her Chanel perfume that inebriate everything, but he bit his tongue. Silly in love with that maiden, he remembered that it was the 21st century!

love -  Dante monument
The cheerful expression of Dante after seeing Beatrice

And no offense to Beatrice or her mind, but he relied on one thing, and she did not serve him as a driver. He trusted Google Maps, not women, like Beatrice, who reserved a dark fate for you. He arrived for the match and with began to celebrate with his friends, but the joy passed. Beatrice was excited at the door, she had to show him one thing, was her passion finally reciprocated?

Dante’s advice on love

“Please help me understand?” He asked without waiting for an answer “It’s a difficult matter.” Dante became bold, did not understand what was going on, and he actually blushed. The maiden tempted him, with the phone in her hands was talking about a hidden passion. His heart was beating like a drum, finally they were quibbling about love, and time passes. But the lightning came and blinded his sight. Beatrice had taken the phone and showed a photo of a volleyball player.

Amore - telefono con mappe aperte
Dante understands that he has to go to Germany to accompany Beatrice and thinks that he would prefer to get lost in some dark forest: this is how his best work was born, “The cursed friendzone”

A muscular, apparently intelligent, guy who lacked nothing and Beatrice asked Dante for advice. Dark hair, sun-kissed skin, and hard abs. Despite all, Dante gave the requested help and Beatrice was happy and asked to be accompanied by the volleyball player soon. And then Dante took a new word, which described perfectly that situation, while Beatrice was happy. So he understood that Beatrice just friendzoned him.

Orlando goes on tv

Orlando, who has been in love with the beautiful Angelica for a long time, had returned to Reggio Emilia with her. But he still didn’t know what awaited him, and how could he know that? For him the sun always shone. But, that night, he discovered Angelica‘s betrayal, when she had fled with her best friend, to save the whales with Greenpeace against a whaler. The months passed slowly, then the seasons followed one another and in his heart there were no more sad subjects.

Amore - due piccoli omini schiacciati quasi da un martelletto
Angelica misses the TV program and goes to Un giorno in pretura

But still a small desire for fun remained and seemed lovable to his thought: Angelica did not hide her hatred of the trash. He had to tell those secrets and lie about his wife, just so he could overwhelm the hate. So he grabbed the phone with his short fingers: “Hello? Do I speak with High Infidelity? The program that tells stories of betrayals? “

Love that nothing billed

That branch of the Vertical Garden between the two skyscrapers that are not interrupted by poor little houses, is shrinking. Renzo woke up early and got ready for the day: a little run along the Navigli, breakfast, turnover, tac, lunch at Cracco’s. But that was not a normal day and he remembered what awaited him: he had to get married to Lucia. They postponed it many times: and once her aunt had died, once a work thing, once the dog had chewed her dress. Lucia seemed to be interested only in turnover. He sent her a message: hey darling, so today is the big day? The answer was an emoji with a nose, so he asked her if she had the coronavirus, being funny. The voicemail that followed was just as light in tone, but not in content: no, no, what else could it be, just a little black plague.

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